Advanced Handstand Progressions

Here are a couple more handstand progressions you can start to practice as you progress in your handstand practice. I like to practice handstand progressions on the parallettes. (Click here for instructions on how to build a set.)  This gives me the opportunity to try some challenging sequences but I also love it because the…read more

The hula hoop.. When you feel like horsing around!

One of new favorite ways to bring play back into my life has been practicing with the hula hoop. Many of you many think this is vintage past time that Gidget types would use to exercise.  I am here to tell you hooping is back and it is part of a whole “flow” movement that…read more

Primal Blueprint Retreat…. Go Dolphins!

The dolphin totem symbolizes playfulness, transcendence, gentleness, harmony, intelligence, friendship, community, generosity, and power. Knowing this, it is simply no surprise that our group had the unique experience of paddle boarding with a pod of dolphins during our 2 hour ocean tour. I am grateful to have been part of such a beautiful experience and…read more

Basic Handstand Progression. Turn that Frown Upside Down!

Practicing going upside down is great for so many reasons. Not only does it improve your proprioception (you know how I love that word;), it can be a mood enhancer and a great way to bring play back into your day. Here are some great progressions to work yourself into going overhead. If you lack…read more

Morning Pages! Help for your busy brain!

If you are like me, as soon as your eyes pop open in the morning, the day is full speed ahead. I work from home so I pretty much make a cup of coffee and dive straight into my email. I am a chronic worker by nature so if I don’t force myself to stop…read more