I may not know you but I totally love you!

Bee The Wellness was born out of my love for all the people! Working and participating in the health and fitness industry, as well as the entertainment industry, I realized that there were two things missing for me, love and fun.  So much of the information in the health and fitness industry is based around how…read more

Labyrinth, not just a movie starring David Bowie!

Not just a movie with David Bowie   Today I walked my first labyrinth and I was pleasantly surprised how calming and centering it was.     There are many types of labyrinths and this particular type was a classical labyrinth. It is at a family friends house in Northern California and not only is…read more

Workout of the day! Booty Blaster!

3-5 rounds     •    For beginners reduce weight or just do body weight! 10 (5 each side) Box Step Ups 45# 10 Back Squat 45# 10 pistol Squats (5 each side) You can use a PVC pipe and the box to assist you!…read more

Bee Comfortable with Bee-ing Uncomfortable!

Many of you may have noticed by now, that I love to play with hair color. For many years I was highlighted blonde and although blondes do have more fun, you should see how much fun you can have with blue hair! I think often we are afraid to experiment because we are worried what…read more

Happy Mother’s Day!!

We had a great day celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom in Northern California by taking a nice 6 mile hike to the top of Mt. Konocti. Mt Konocti is a dormant volcano in my home town of Kelseyville, Ca. The peak is called Wright Peak and it is just over 4500 feet of elevation…read more

May 5 – Workout of the Day

Front Squats, Supermans, and Windmills! Rounds in 20 minutes! 5 Front Squats – 65 pounds (swap for Kettlebell Goblet Squats if weight is too heavy) 10 Supermans 5 Kettlebell Windmills Make sure to mobilize before and after this workout focusing on opening hip flexors for increased depth in the front squat!…read more