Volume vs. intensity

More weight or more reps? Strength and conditioning training are, at their core, just stimuli for your magical meat vehicle to adapt to. Once a stimulus is no longer challenging the body stops adapting, hence the need for some sort of progressive overload. The two most common ways to achieve this overload are increases in…read more

Love Your Other Mother

Bee part of the solution As the movement towards a more eco-friendly society forges on, let’s look at one simple way we can love the mother to us all, mother earth! Using reusable bags is a low cost, easy way to reduce your impact on the planet. Whether you use paper or plastic bags the…read more

Find Your Flow

Achieving Optimization Through “Flow State” Many of you may have heard the term “Flow State” term being thrown around in the wellness world and today we want to look at what flow state means and how we can work towards creating more opportunity for flow in our lives. In positive psychology, flow, also known as…read more

Farm to Table

Bringing a Little More Farm to Your Table!   As the planting season gets underway in the Northern hemispheres, it’s time to start thinking about how we can bring a little more local sourcing into our everyday eating. We recognize not everyone has the ability to grow his or her own food. However, let’s look…read more

Gratitude Tribe

How can you make more room for gratitude in your day-to-day existence? How can you practice being more in awe of the gifts that are already yours? Here are a few simple tips that seem to work for us. Try one or try them all. See which one works best or if a combo keeps…read more

Mobility vs. Flexibility

Semantics?   Let’s define flexibility as the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to lengthen through a range of motion, and Mobility as the ability to move a joint through a range of motion. Why can’t we just use the word flexibility? Mobility is actually more anatomically and physiologically correct because it encompasses…read more