Flow Shui

Creating a Flow Space   Last month we talked about the concept of Spring clearing and cleaning. Spring clearing relates to getting rid of any energy blockages that keep you from higher thinking, living, and performing. Spring cleaning has to do with cleaning the physical space around you to make more room for clarity and…read more

Spring Awakening!

Your Local Watering Hole As we continue on our journey to optimal health we constantly look to expand our wellness into every area of our life. Although we have been talking about hydration over the last couple of weeks, most of the discussion has been around quantity and associated factors regarding the amount of water…read more

Flow Master

5 Tips For Achieving Flow State Last week we introduced the concept of flow state and this week we are diving deeper into how to access this hyperactive brain state. Flow can be characterized by feeling completely immersed in the project at hand. Often senses are heightened and one feels focused, in control, creative, happy,…read more