Mind Over Matter – Placebo Surgery

There is no doubt that the modern medicine has revolutionized the heath care industry and is continuing to make great strides every single day. Modern medicine has advanced surgical procedures immensely as well. Today, healthcare professionals can successfully address many health related problems which they could not resolve in the past. However, it is important…read more

Tips for True Cardio – Make sure you are in the right zone!

Ever wonder why athletes do cardiovascular exercises (or “cardio” for short”), aside from just weight loss purposes? Simply put, cardio workouts actually greatly improve endurance which is why they are extremely important to athletes. Exercises implementing a high intensity/ cardio element are a key part of many training programs. However, doing cardio workouts also has…read more

A Few Tips to Help You Get Better Sleep!

If you’re at all a fitness/ health and wellness enthusiast, you already know the importance of rest. Whether you read it online somewhere, had a personal trainer/ online fitness coach, they’ve more than likely told you many-a-times that getting enough sleep and rest is extremely important for overall health and fitness. Without a doubt, they…read more