5 Things We Can Learn From The Olympics

This week’s video blog inspired by the olympic opening ceremonies, Vanessa discusses 5 things that we can learn from the Olympic games. Don’t feel like watching? Check out the transcript below.

Hi I am Vanessa Lambert owner and co-creator of Bee The Wellness and Unveil Your Wellness.

I hope everyone is excited as the Olympic games get underway in Rio today. In times where we are so divided on so many issues in our country it is a breath of fresh air to have something to unite around and be excited as a country and world. So today I wanted to share five things that the olympic games teach us about ourselves.

  1. Find Your Passion – If there is anything that the Olympics remind us it is that doing something you love for the sheer sake of it is a worth while endeavor. Olympic athletes don’t spend countless hours and years of their life training for their chosen sport because they think it will make them rich or successful. I am sure that many realize that some fame and success may be a byproduct of their commitment, but I believe most olympic athletes are truly passionate about their chosen sport. They have found in their sport something that woke a part of them that fuels their fire to push hard and follow their dream. It’s an important energy to tap into as a human and the olympic athletes really showcase the power of your passion.
  2. Anything Is Possible – If you spend just five minutes reading or learning about the olympic athletes you will find countless examples of people overcoming the odds. Whether it be physical limitation, financial, or otherwise these athletes show us that with grit and determination anything is possible. To me, it really showcases how our thoughts effect our reality. I have no doubt that every single one of these olympians pictured themselves going to the olympic games at some point and that their focus of intention and thoughts truly influenced the way their reality showed up. The athletes remind us to pay attention to our thoughts and focus our intention on our hearts desire.
  3. Never Give Up – Many of the athletes have had unforeseeable circumstances in their lives. Things that for all intents and purposes could have stopped them from moving forward towards their goals were it not for their relentless effort. They remind us that no matter how impossible a dream or ambition may be at times, the one who never gives up succeeds! They remind us to be relentless about the pursuit of our own dreams and to never give up.
  4. Winning Isn’t Everything – Although every athlete wants to take home the gold. As it is in life, the experience is the true prize. Having no regrets and knowing you gave it your all and that you followed your passion. That is the real gold in the olympics and in life.
  5. Believe In Yourself – Be your biggest fan. This doesn’t mean you have to be an egotistical person. It just means you learn the power of being your biggest fan. You learn to believe and support yourself against all odds. The great poet Rumi said, “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” The olympic athletes show us that believing in yourself is an absolute must when striving to be your best.

So as you watch the olympics and participate in the energy of this great social experiment I hope you will take some of the passion and excitement in to your own life. Be your own olympic competitor in your very own personal olympic games. It is a great time to be inspired and remind yourself that anything is possible.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks video blog and I look forward to checking in with you all next week!

I am Vanessa Lambert. See you soon.


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