How to Make a Decision Using Your Intuition

Trying to learn how to get more in tune with your own intuition? Check out this helpful video from Vanessa Lambert to give you some great tips for learning to trust your gut.

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Hi I am Vanessa Lambert co-founder and creator of Bee The Wellness and Unveil Your Wellness.

As a wellness coach, I help women and men on a path to wellness and self discovery to feel more confident, find their passion, and live the life they have always dreamed of.

In this video I want to discus how to make a big decision using your intuition.

About 10 years ago I was going through a major process of self discovery. I was not living my most ideal life and I knew there were changes I wanted to make. However, at times I felt stuck and like I didn’t know what decisions were right for me or how to get the ball rolling in a different direction than the current trajectory. I realized at some point that much of the way we are acculturated in society tends to strip away this natural gift we have which is our own insight or intuition and we start to second guess ourselves at every turn. Our ability to make decisions clearly is such an important function and we need it in order to feel empowered and confident in our lives. I decided to enroll in a year long program that was focused on developing better intuition or what some refer to as psychic ability. Over the course of the year I learned a bunch of techniques and tools that were really useful and since then I have always had these tools to use any time I need to make a decision.

Over the years I have continued to tweak and expand them in order to make the most of my own intuition and inner wisdom and also share these techniques with students, family, and friends so that they can also experience this feeling of being empowered to make decisions in their life.  Today I am going to share with your some of my best tips for making decisions using your intuition.

  1. Notice Your Gut – Sit quietly in a room preferably on the ground as close to the earth as possible and visualize the first option. Notice how your physical space reacts to the this option. Does your stomach turn? Do you feel anxious? Or conversely do you start to get excited? Do you feel a sense of relief? Or are you not sure. If you don’t have a clear physical signal one way or another, it may not be time to make the decision. You may need more information in order to have a stronger feeling.
  2. Journal – Dedicate one page to one choice and one page to another choice. Allow yourself to just simply start writing without much shape or form. Allow the words to just flow freely and simply write down whatever comes to mind without editing yourself or your writing. Notice if your writing starts to uncover any useful information about your feelings and intuition towards your choices.
  3. Watch For Signs – Notice any coincidences that surround the decision you are trying to make. For instance are you trying to decide if a move is right for you and suddenly you meet somewhere from that areas that starts to tell you how much they love it. Be aware of any messages from the universe that are being put before you to help make your decision. You will be amazed how many little signs you start to see if you pay attention.
  4. Guided Meditation – Lastly, there are many useful guided meditations that can help walk you through the decision making process. I have one that I wrote and recorded for our wellness group that is a simple 10 minute guided binaural mediation that walks you through your decision making process. I would be happy to share that with your today. You can simply download it here. 

I hope these four tools have helped you better understand your own intuition and that you will be able to start trusting your gut and your own inner voice. Each one of us has our own unique voice and remembering to connect with it is such a powerful tool for living your most authentic life.

I am Vanessa Lambert please feel free to download the decision making guided meditation and let me know what you think.

See ya soon bye!