Three Natural Oils For A Beautiful And Clear Complexion!

Another great video blog by Vanessa Lambert. This week Vanessa talks about what natural oils she uses and what may be right for you.
Don’t feel like watching or want an overview, check out the transcript below.

Hi Guys!
I am Vanessa Lambert owner and co-founder of Bee The Wellness and Unveil Your Wellness. Welcome to this video. So last week I showed you how to make an easy DIY oil based facial cleanser. I am pretty much in love with oil for my skin care both internally and externally as I believe that healthy fats and oils in your diet also contributes to a healthy complexion and good skin elasticity. During the month of June in our year long wellness program Unveil Your Wellness, we focus on eliminating the toxic load in our life. Continuing with that focus this week I am going to show you a few different natural oils that I personally use for my facial hydration and give you some ideas and best practices on what oils you may want to use for your skin type.

Vitamin E Oil – It is touted to be a great antioxidant which helps the skin fight off free radicals. So essentially it keeps the skin looking younger and helps to prevent and repair damage from toxins, pollutants, etc. I really love Vitamin E and quite honestly when I am using Vitamin E regularly I notice a distinct improvement in my skin. Now the trick is to make sure it is free of any additives which is actually quite hard to do. I purchased 100% pure vitamin e oil and it still had some soy in it so you have to check ingredients and make sure you are getting something that is actually really pure. When I use this on my face, I use it in the morning and the evening and my skin loves it.
Tamanu Oil- So if you are like me, you struggle with hyper-pigmentation. This is when the melanocytes below the surface of the skin get turned on and cause extra pigment in the surface of the skin. As well as being anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and having antioxidant properties, Tamanu oil is believed to help with hyper-pigmentation. I have been using it more frequently since our last trip to Costa Rica because I came back with a lot of hyper-pigmentation and it has definitely helped.
Rosehip Oil – Another powerful anti-inflammatory, Rosehip oil is also high in omega oils and retinoic acid. This gives it an interesting texture and the best way to describe it is a bit of a drier oil. So if you like your face to feel really moisturized like I do, you will be best to mix it with something. If you tend to have a bit oilier skin this will probably be a good option for you. I currently use a blend of Rosehip and Tamanu oil as well as Vitamin E and those are the three I tend to swap around.

There are a ton of other natural oils out there but these are the three that I have personally landed on and I have pretty much tried everything. Finding the right blend of these is going to depend on your specifics but what I do is use the vitamin completely by itself and then I do an equal blend of Rosehip and Tamanu. I don’t like doing the Rosehip completely alone because it doesn’t feel moisturizing enough for me but again if you tend to have oilier skin this might work well for you. If budget is an issue then you may consider just doing one or the other or just the straight Vitamin E. The quality of the products is important and they can be a bit pricy. I have linked the two I use above. Remember a few drops goes a long way. I use a little more because I use it on my face and chest. If you’re just using it on your face you can make it last.. Honestly I am in the sun a lot so mama needs a lot of oil. So you can mix your oils in something like this little dropper bottle or you can kind of just apply a few drops of each to your skin.

I have to mention as always that true beauty and health begins in the kitchen so if you don’t understand how to nourish your skin from the inside out than that’s something very important to focus on as well. No matter what you put topically on your skin it can’t undo what you put into your gut.
If you are interested in learning more about our year long wellness program where we help folks like you figure out the best way to eat, exercise, meditate and live a happy life you can click here. Once again I am Vanessa Lambert. See you soon bye!