4th Of July & Summer BBQ Guide!

Summer is in full swing, and that means more outdoor activities, parties, and celebrations! With the 4th of July, one of our favourite holidays, right around the corner, we thought we would put together this healthy barbecue guide with some of our favourite recipes, snacks, and gear!

Summertime is great for meals al fresca (that means outside), but how do we keep the quality and the enjoyment high? Here are some of our favourite recipes that are high on flavor and will keep you fueled and nourished through the summer season! 


“Salad doesn’t have to be the boring obligatory side dish.”

One of the best tips we can give you for summer is to fall in love with salads. Salad doesn’t have to be the boring obligatory side dish. They can be full of amazing fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and incredible dressings. It is not uncommon for us to have 2 or 3 salads at our barbecues, and for us, when it comes to salad, the more the merrier. 

Summer is also a great time to eat seasonally. With so many more fruits and vegetables readily available at farmers’ markets and maybe even in your own summer garden, it’s a great time to take advantage of what is available in your area. We like fruit salads this time of year, and with so many delicious combos to be had, it’s easy to make fruit salad a summer staple or to mix in some of your favourite fruits with your greens for a fresh take on the traditional greens. We LOVE fresh herbs mixed with all salads to give them a whole new level of fresh! Check out some of our favourite paleo and primal salad recipes below.

Watermelon Salad With Basil

Mint and Melon Salad

Blood Orange Salad With Olives

Cucumber Greek Salad 

Apple Pecan Arugula Salad

Ultimate Caprese Salad

Take It to the Grill

One of the very best ways to keep summer healthy and fresh is by grilling up veggies. Below are 2 of our favourite recipes, followed by a grilling guide. Choose your favourite veggies, and grill away!

Blistered Shishitos: To make this on the grill, simply toss them with olive oil and place in a vegetable grill basket

Zucchini and Cauliflower Skewers

How to Grill Vegetables

AND if you’re looking for a great gluten-free bun, we love Canyon Bakehouse Buns

Healthy Protein

It’s just as easy to grill up fresh, organic, grass-fed or pastured cuts of meat as it is to grill hot dogs or store-bought burger patties. It may take a bit longer to prep, but the taste and nutrient value will be so much greater if you spend a few extra minutes to make them yourself. We encourage you to keep clean when it comes to your protein sources. 

If you are going to grab premade patties, then be sure to check out Tribali Foods. They make some high quality premade patties that are as clean as they come, and they have a variety of meats and flavors. There’s something for everyone in your group. 

Here are some of our favourite burger recipes as well as a guide to grilling the perfect barbecue chicken.

Best Burger Recipe

Paleo Bacon Burger

Guide to Grilling Perfect Chicken

Dressings and Sauces

We are so excited Primal Kitchen has made some amazing sauces and dips for the summer barbecuing season. We happen to be big barbecue sauce lovers, and we are so stoked to have these clean delicious options. They also have an entire line of delicious and healthy salad dressings, so check them out as well. Some of our favourites are the Green Goddess, Caesar, and Balsamic Vinaigrette.


We realise your plans this summer may take you outdoors. We love spending the 4th of July at the beach. Here is some of our favourite gear for both at home and away. 

Fuego Professional Outdoor Grill: Great for folks with small spaces! We just got ours and love it

Vegetable Basket: Must have for grilling veggies

YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler Set: To take your bubbles on the road 😉

Yeti Roadie: Somewhere to store your bubbles

Stainless Steel Non-Toxic Food Storage

Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery: Because being kind to the planet is cool

Biodegradable Straws: Because we love turtles 😉

Cute Outdoor Throw Blanket: Light and washable! We love ours

Chomps: They are bomb.com

Tribali Foods Organic Patties: When you need a healthy pre-made patty

Justin’s Peanut or Almond Butter: The little squeeze packs are the bomb

Siete Chips: Because sometimes you just need some chips

Bubbies Pickles: The perfect summer crunch

Here is another great resource for your complete guide to grilling!

We hope this guide was useful for your 4th of July celebration and will give you some good ideas for all your summer fun. Make sure to join our Facebook group to keep up on all the action at Bee The Wellness, or head over to Instagram to follow our adventures in the wild!

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