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The interest levels amongst individuals for adventurous travels (or paleo retreats as we call them!) and exploration is higher than it’s ever been before. Moreover, the popularity of adventure travel for events such as the paleo retreats we host yearly, is constantly growing. The topics related to adventure travel are actively discussed on health and fitness forums, blogs and other online resources. These days, if you want to visit a getaway spot, you can easily find a plethora of information, videos and new about exactly what you’re looking for. 

So, why are they so popular? Aside from the aspect of adventure travels being a great getaway/ making for great and lively vacations, they actually deliver multiple health and fitness benefits as well. Here, we are going to talk about adventure travel and how it contributes to a healthy life.

Adventure Travel is Recommended for Better Physical Health

Multiple scientific studies show that individuals who avoid going out and getting their hands dirty (so to speak) do not give their body an ample chance to adapt/ build up needed antibodies. Thus, they often suffer from allergies, asthma as well as inflammatory bowel disease as their immune system are not built to tackle those issues. Adventure and travel offers you a chance to get yourself out there and help you boost your immune system dramatically. Thus, lowering your risk of contracting the mentioned health issues.

Adventure Travel Helps Prevent Many Health Problems

There is no doubt that spending more time outdoors is beneficial for our overall health. Oftentimes, doctors recommend outdoor activities and encourage their patients to remain active; especially those who suffer from excess weight and obesity. Adventure travel is also known for improving cardiovascular health. Moreover, adventure travel is considered to be one of the most effective natural ways of preventing health problems. Our 2016 Costa Rica paleo retreat has already kicked off, but maybe you could join a future trip!

Hiking and Walking Provide Support for a Healthier Brain

It is worth noting that activities like hiking and walking are incredibly important for mental health. Hiking and walking stimulates brain activity and prevents memory loss. So, hiking adventures (as a part of your full getaway/ retreat) will certainly help you improve your mental health.

The Paleo Retreat Provides People with Unforgettable Emotions

Another big advantage of adventures is that the unanimous aim of the events and the individuals involved is positivity. Everyone is just out to live and have a blast. Thus, the paleo retreat provides people with positive emotions and pleasant memories. The best way to kick stress and in the butt is through positivity! Pleasant memories leave a positive and lasting impact on mental health.

Adventure Travel is an Effective Way of Managing Stress

Reducing stress is crucial to health of people. Adventure travel is known to be a good way of fighting stress. Adventure travel provides people with the perfect opportunity to relax and forget about the problems which they face during their everyday life. This will certainly result in reducing stress.

No matter, how old you are. It is important to know that adventure travel has no age limits. That means that adventure travel can be the part of your life anytime.

Adventure Travel Helps Improve Tolerance for Uncertainty

Do you find it difficult to cope with the uncertainties in your life? One the best aspects of adventures is that things don’t always go as planned. It’s not a bad thing, as life itself is a big uncertainty. The adventures can help teach you how to deal with uncertainties, as well as just building your tolerance to them making you more comfortable facing the unknown!

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