Bee The Wellness Presents: 
An African Safari Adventure Retreat
July 17-24 2019
Bee The Wellness is proud to announce our next African Safari Retreat in Kenya!
Join us for 7 days Ol Pejeta Safari Cottages. 
Experience the beauty and adventure!
Ol Pejeta is an award winning conservancy and has international and government backing, meaning the wildlife (especially rhinos) are thriving in the area and game viewing is some of the best in Kenya! 

Ol Pejeta will be our private headquarters for the week’s incredible activities.

Ol Pejeta in the wilderness area of the conservancy, which has restricted access to more private wild areas for our guests.

Experience our exclusive resort which includes: private cottages, private chefs, private vehicles and private guides.

Including: daily game drives and bush picnics, spot light night drives, bush walks, sundowners, visit to the local school and to the chimpanzee sanctuary established by the famous Jane Goodall.

Also included in this incredible adventure is a day trip to Aberdares National Park, a visit to the Animal Orphanage, The Endangered Species Boma, as well as a Lion tracking excursion. 

This is a jammed packed itinerary with lots of adventure so get ready to get your safari on!

Bedrooms & Bathrooms
Each lodge is appointed with everything you need for a cozy and comfortable stay. With an open air feel, you can get as close to the feeling of camping in the bush but with all the amenities to make your stay a deluxe experience.  

Rooms come in double or triple configuration.

Features & Amenities
Exclusive use: private cottage, private chefs, private vehicles and private guides (something you don’t get or you pay an absolute bomb for in East Africa!)
Ol Pejeta is an award winning conservancy and has international and government backing, meaning the wildlife (especially rhinos) is thriving in the area and game viewing is some of the best in Kenya.

A Note on Power
Our power is low voltage solar lighting with select charging areas in the living area of the cottage, so ladies I’m afraid this means you will have to ditch the hair dryers and flat irons for now. Is fine for charging everything else with a square pin plug.
Hotel Nights & Trip Extensions
Our trip begins the morning of July 17th where we will pick you up from your hotel. 

Recommended hotel locations are:
Hemingway's or Ole Serene in Nairobi. Please advise if you have an alternate pickup point.

We will happily help you book your hotel stay and book any additional hotel nights or activities you might like to experience during your time in Africa.
All of our food is locally sourced and made from the freshest ingredients. You will enjoy three meals a day with a three course buffet lunch and dinner. At 4pm we also serve tea and coffee on the lawn before your afternoon drive with special snacks. We will build the menu to be Paleo compliant  but please let us know if you have specific allergies or dietary preferences and we can make sure to accommodate you.

To quench your thirst, we keep a selection of international wines and spirits as well as local beers, fruit juices and soda’s, and some mixed drinks. Please let us know if you have a preference on alcohol or drinks.
The Kenya Experience
Kenya sits squarely on the Equator, infact it crosses right through Ol Pejeta and so the country’s climate is mostly tropical. For the most part you will enjoy toasty weather and sunshine all year round.

It is important to note though that our cottages are at quite a high altitude so in the evenings be prepared for temperatures as low 5 degrees Celsius. We do our best two keep you warm and toasty but packing a fleece and some long trousers is essential!
Safety And Safari Etiquette
For the majority of your time with us you will enjoying Ol Pejeta’s rich wildlife. It must be remembered that these animals are all wild, and although you have no reason to fear whilst under the watchful eye of our highly skilled guides, you do need to show them, their families and their personal space some respect.

Our property is surrounded by a two strand electric fence. This is just keep the elephants from destroying our trees and other game can and often will wonder in unannounced. As long as you are aware of this you can comfortably sit back, relax and enjoy nature happening around you.

Whilst on your game drives observe animals quietly with as little disturbance as possible and never try to attract their attention your way. Also be sure to respect your drivers’ judgment with regards to proximity and don’t insist he move the vehicle closer.
Your Health
Before traveling it is recommended you speak with your GP about the necessary vaccinations and anti-malarials that you may need before embarking on your trip. Standard vaccinations include tetanus, polio, typhoid and hepatitis A. 
Also make sure to discuss with him the latest advice on carrying yellow fever certificates, which are essential when traveling to most of Southern and Eastern Africa. Some of these vaccinations are a course of injections so make sure you visit your doctor well in advance.

Because of our high altitude malaria is not found here, there are grass mosquitoes – they bite and are annoying but they won’t make you ill.

**Our water is supplied by Ol Pejeta’s boreholes so its wonderful and clean but full of minerals and so not good to drink. We provide you with clean, bottled drinking water whilst you are here.
Flight Luggage & Travel Information
All flights should be booked to Nairobi arriving no later than July 16th so you are ready for pickup the morning of the 17th. If you would like to come earlier and do some local sightseeing in Nairobi, please let us know and we can assist.

If you are flying domestically within Africa you will have a maximum luggage restriction of 15kg including hand luggage. If you are carrying large, heavy bags such as camera equipment it is recommended that you book two seats – allowing 30kgs of luggage or else travel by road. Also try and use soft case bags instead of hard case bags. These are easier to transport.
International flights will have varying restrictions so please check your airline carrier for details.

Most countries, including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia can obtain a three-month tourist visa to Kenya on arrival in Nairobi. This costs USD50. They wont accept any other currency and be sure to carry the exact amount as they are almost always out of change. (not induced in costs)
You can also secure your visa ahead of time online.

Capital: Nairobi
Language: Swahili & English
Timezone: GMT +3hrs
Electricity: 220/240volts
Plugs: 3 pin British sockets
Dialing code: +254

The currency of Kenya is the Kenya Shilling, often written as KSH or with a /= symbol at the end of a figure.

Once our adventure begins, everything is fully inclusive so you won’t need to pay for anything in cash whilst you are here. (except your visa upon arrival) 
However, if you decide to make donations at Chimpanzee sanctuary, buy gifts for the school, purchase curios or give additional tips you will need to carry it with you for that. 

USD are widely accepted, best to carry in smaller notes if you can, as are Kenya Shillings.
Your Adventure Is Waiting For You!
Accommodations and Details
Rooms and Rates
Shared individual rooms will be same sex only.

Options for payment plans include pay in full or equal monthly payments.

Single Room Cottage: Double Occupancy $5900 per person. Triple Occupancy $5600 per person 

Double Room Cottage: Double Occupancy (per room) $5800, Triple Occupancy (per room) $5500

Don’t wait! These spots will go quickly!
  • All  transportation from pick up in Nairobi on day 1 to drop off in Nairobi Day 9. (Does not Include hotel fees on first night)
  •  7 nights lodging (7 nights in MLP Ol Pejeta Safari Cottages.) 
  •  All meals from lunch Day 2 through Breakfast of Day 9.
  •  Gratuities for services staff (Lodge staff, drivers, chefs and guides.)
  •  All beverages, water, tea, coffee, soft drinks and fresh juices are free of charge. We will also have spirits and some mixed drinks available as well. Please make sure to let us know ahead of time if you have any preferences!
  • Airfare, Visa, Insurance
  •  Hotel & Meals prior to pick up for Ol Pejeta.
Packing and Policies 
Retreat Policies
All guests are required to provide valid Proof of Travel Insurance.

We require trip insurance from each attendee. Click Here for more details:

20% cancellation fee at all times

90 days or more out, 50% of fees can be returned

89-60 days out, 10% of fees can be returned

59 or less days 0% can be returned

We will always do our best to replace you with another attendee in order to offer some refund, but we cannot make any guarantees.

 We require Travel Insurance and urge you to get emergency coverage in case you are unable to attend. 
Daily Schedule
Below You Will Find The Sample Schedule of Daily Events!
Final schedule will be customized for your groups desired preferences.
July 17-24,2019 
Day 1

Nairobi | ARRIVE
Arrive in Nairobi, Transfer to your hotel provided by Bee The Wellness. 

Choose from a selection of hotels in Nairobi to stay your first night at. BTW will provide pick up and drop off to your selected hotel. Hotel fees are not included on this night.

Day 2

MT. KENYA SAFARI CLUB (Day 1 of Retreat)

9:00am Pick Up - Drive up to  Mt Kenya Safari Club (approx. 4 hours) 

2:00pm Lunch beneath the shadow of Mt Kenya and visit to the animal orphanage 

4:00pm Leave for Ol Pejeta Safari Cottages, game drive enroute.

7:30pm Drinks around the fire followed by dinner.

Day 3

6:30am Early morning game drive and lion tracking, picnic breakfast in the bush

1:30pm Lunch 

4:00pm Afternoon tea 

4:30pm Evening game drive and sundowners on the plains 

7:30pm Drinks around the fire followed by dinner

Day 4

6:30am Breakfast

7:30am Depart for day trip to Aberdares National Park with picnic lunch. 

7:30pm Drinks around the fire followed by dinner.

Day 5

6:30am Early morning game drive, visit to Nyakio Primary School and bush breakfast

OR Alternatively a Bush Walk Can Be Substituted 

4:00pm Afternoon tea 

4:30pm Afternoon drive 

6:30pm Dinner 

8:00pm Night drive (returns around 10.30pm).

Day 6


6:30am Bush walk (half the group, other half do game drive and Endangered Species Boma
10:00am Breakfast at the cottage and time at leisure 

1:30pm Lunch 

4:00pm Afternoon tea 

4:30pm Evening game drive and sundowners on the plains 

7:30pm Drinks around the fire followed by dinner.

Day 7


6:30am Early morning game drive, visit to Endangered Species Boma and bush
breakfast (half the group, other half to do bush walk) 

1:30pm Lunch 

4:00pm Afternoon tea 

4:30pm Evening game drive and sundowners on the plains 

7:30pm Drinks around the fire followed by dinner.

Day 8

6:30am Early morning game drive, visit to the Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Sanctuary and bush breakfast

1:30pm Lunch 

4:00pm Afternoon tea 

4:30pm Evening game drive and sundowners on the plains 

Alternatively: If you "adopt" chimpanzees we can arrange for you to go after hours to see a feeding. This is an awesome way to see them more closely. Highly recommend!

7:30pm Drinks around the fire followed by dinner.

Day 9

7.30am Leisurely breakfast at the cottages

9am Drive to Nairobi (arrive approx. 1pm drop off JKIA OR  Hotel if you require additional night) Inquire with us and we can arrange accommodations.

Your Retreat Leader
We are thrilled to announce that your group leader on the Bee The Wellness African Safari will be Meg McGill. If you have been to any Bee The Wellness event then you have met our friend and trusted Bee The Wellness Ambassador Meg.
Meg has been in attendance at every single Bee The Wellness event for the past four years and is a trusted member of our team and a qualified leader for your safari retreat.

With Meg as your trusted leader, the impeccable hosts at Ol Pejeta Andy and Sonja Webb, as well as the staff, chefs, and drivers you will be in perfect hands during your African Safari.
What Previous Attendees Have To Say!

"If you want to experience Africa and enjoy paleo cuisine and feel like a "king" or "queen", look nowhere else but this!" Erich L.
"Our Bee The Wellness adventure trip to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, Africa, was an amazing adventure and one of the best trips we've ever done in our lives, period. The Ol Pejeta Safari Cottages were comfortable, spacious, wonderfully designed, and our hosts Andy and Sonja (along with their entire staff of guides, drivers, housekeepers, and cooks/waiters) were amazing: warm, friendly, sharing, and incredibly knowledgeable about all the flora and fauna surrounding us in that magical place. Side trips to the chimpanzee conservancy and to see the last 2 remaining Northern White Rhinos in existence were equally amazing, and Vanessa and Adam were expert guides who arranged everything without a hitch. A truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure with amazing people in amazing places - I can't recommend it highly enough." Tony C.
"Africa! The people, animals, sky, land, food, weather, one can read about, watch videos, and until you are there, on the ground, in the bush, smelling the earth, breathing the air, seeing the rains move in across the savanna, gawking up at a humongous sky full of stars, and hearing the growls of lionesses on the wind as you fall asleep, you haven't experienced the magic. Bee The Wellness provides an epic Africa Adventure Retreat! The accommodations, food, experience and people are amazing - everything is taken care of, so all you have to do is enjoy! This is the way to travel to wonderful places and have awesome adventures with fabulous people!" Meg M.
"Another epic adventure with Bee The Wellness in the books. I knew Africa would be an amazing trip but I had no idea how truly in love with it I would fall. The land, the people, the animals were more than I could have hoped for and who better to experience it with then the amazing Bee The Wellness tribe. Don’t think twice go home to your mama....Africa!!" Erin. G
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