A Love Letter

As the new year approaches, many of us begin to reflect on the past. For me personally, I feel a sense of excitement moving forward into a new time. I feel electric and as if the possibilities are endless. This year I wanted to take some time and write a love letter to myself and…read more

Paleo/Primal Meal Planning – post Thanksgiving

Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing! We had a delightful day and we ate some seriously amazing Paleo dishes… Now that the holiday is over I want to get back on track so that I don’t fall into the slippery slope of the holiday eating frenzy. Here is what I will be making this week. I…read more

4 Reasons Surfers Act Like Assholes!

This post was inspired by my last trip to the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. It’s not what you think. The trip was awesome and I had some of the most enjoyable sessions that I can recall of late. I was pleasantly surprised by the north shore as a surfing destination. I was totally…read more

Primal/ Paleo Meal Planning!

I mentioned to some of the Primal Malibu retreat attendees last week that I like to prepare meals in advance. After learning that many of them were seeking new Paleo/ Primal recipe ideas, one of the attendees suggested I post the recipes I make for the week and perhaps they could either follow along or…read more

5 ways to make your life more like Burning Man

I feel like the world’s most famous Journey song. “Don’t stop believing… Hold on to the feeling ya.” Specifically in regard to leaving Burning Man this year. I can’t, nor do I want to shake the new vibration I am feeling in my life. So I came up with 5 simple things that will make…read more

Lessons from the Playa

One day while trapped in a sand storm on the playa I had an epiphany, the only reason you would hate getting stuck in a sand storm is if you expected not to! The whole concept resonated with me to an incredible extend. Our expectations set us up for disappointment. But how do we balance…read more