Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

Paleo Transformation Retreat


We are excited to announce our first ever East Coast immersion retreat. Since our initial debut with Primal Blueprint in Malibu, we have decided to once again offer our three day intensive transformational retreats and after many requests, we are coming east! This retreat is focused around personal coaching and continuing education. This weekend is an opportunity to have our new and seasoned clients come and spend a long weekend getting in person coaching, continuing education, and to commune with your fellow bees while doing so. This is also a great opportunity to have fun and take in the beautiful mountain location of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.


  • Gorgeous Mountain Estate

    No expense spared, this lodge is one of kind. Premium and luxurious.

  • Luxury Accomodations with Private Bath

    Luxury accomodations including private bath for all indivudal rooms.

  • Gourmet Kitchen with Private Chef

    Gourmet kitchens with state of the art equipment.

  • Beautiful Outdoors

    Expansive out door area. Experience wonderful hiking and views directly from the property.

  • Expansive Decks

    Large wrap around decks to allow for maximum enjoyment of gorgeous view.

  • Open Living Area

    Large living space is ideal for gathering after meals, during learning sessions, and for general use and enjoyment.

  • Options for Shared Accomodations

    Don’t have a partner in crime? Don’t worry, we can pair you up!

  • Beautiful Nature Filled Complex

    The location of our retreat is one of the areas most serene and beautiful complexes.

  • Lovely Indoor and Outdoor Dining Spaces

    Whether meals are indoor or out, there are ample places to commune and dine.

Your Guides!

  • Adam and Vanessa Lambert

    Your facilitators and coaches, Adam and Vanessa will be with you every step of the way during your immersion weekend. Our goal is that you leave this weekend feeling more empowered, educated, and excited to take your wellness to the next level. No elitist attitudes in this program, we meet you where you are and help you move forward confidently. Have your wellness practice upgraded over the course of this long weekend and leave feeling recharged and rejuvenated to continue on your journey.

  • Marie Giovanna

    Marie Giovanna is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Massage Therapist and mother/ mother-in-law to Adam and Vanessa! In her 30+ years working as a teacher, counselor, and energy worker she has helped countless people fundamentally shift their perception in order to live a more rewarding and authentic life. From her role as an intuitive healer to her position leading a non-profit for underprivileged girls, she has a vast scope of practical experience that applies to people of all ages and walks of life. She is the founder of Way Of The Blossoming Soul as well as a mentor in Bee The Wellness Authentic Self program. She will be assisting and facilitating in the Authentic Self workshops and be on hand for general counsel during the weekend.

  • Angelo Dela Cruz

    Angelo is a former NASA Life Science Support Scientist who assisted with experiments that flew aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. He is a former martial arts instructor and holds a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo. On his way to becoming a surgeon, he decided to choose a better path for him to explore true health & happiness.He realized vitality is a proactive process in doing the right things to support the optimal function of the body & mind. Angelo now helps others amplify their power and beauty on the inside through advanced bodywork, fitness training, and high performance life mastery coaching.

  • Chef Joann Stabile

    Joann Stabile is the Founder and Executive Chef of Plated With Purpose. She is a graduate of the prestigious California Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco. Joann is a clean eating enthusiast and has personally seen the benefits and results with her own body after a decade of struggling with her weight and overall health. She has more than 18 years of experience in the kitchen and has been on the forefront of the clean eating movement, having been a special dietary needs event caterer and private chef for the last 9 years.


  • The food was delicious, and plentiful!  The accommodations were lovely and offered a variety of spaces indoor and out.The coaches were great!  Helpful, patient, informative and fun! Love, love loved the experience!

    Meg McGill

  • Don't miss this opportunity! The entire crew is amazing and extremely passionate. They provided the perfect blend of education/healthy eating / goal setting and working out, with plenty of time for fun and relaxation. Making this commitment and applying what you learn…will positively change your life for the better.

    Joe Palonis

  • I truly cannot say enough about my three day transformation retreat.  I feel healthy, strong and hope to continue on this same path. I loved the feel of the whole weekend.  It was like spending time with your smartest friends and learning from them through play. I loved it all and I can't wait to see you all again.  THANK YOU!!!!!!.

    Liz Cohn

  • The trips really cement your purpose and intentions, whether it's your nutrition or movement or mindset. You meet and bond with such awesome people. I think that when I've had a rough time and felt less positive about my ability to stick with a healthy life, the connections I feel towards my trip-Bees has helped me stay the course.

    Virginia R.

  • "This is not just any ole “find like-minded people and sure it sounds good so I’ll go for it retreat…not hardly - this is a once in a lifetime adventure…with the bonus that all the food is Paleo/ Primal!”
    The hosts Adam and Vanessa Lambert are passionate about wellness and have put together a vacation/retreat/experience that has not been duplicated by others.  Activities included paddle boarding/kayaking, whitewater river rafting, a local-color mangrove tour and sunset sailing. While all these activities were amazing, the highlight of the week was the meal conversations.  Like-minded souls warmly shared their paleo journey, their challenges and victories, and perspectives on the direction of the movement, all  while dining on the most amazing food. No stone was unturned with wide ranging dinner topics, covering sleep, exercise strategies, cooking, latest and best books, podcasts, web sites and other valuable resources.
    This retreat is a must if you are new to the paleo community, looking for a jump start back to the paleo lifestyle or just want to go to Costa Rica and be with warm & loving individuals who want the best for you.  The private estate exceeded our expectations and the food was fantastic.  We highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Costa Rican get away with benefits!
    We loved this experience and look forward to another adventure with Adam and Nesta!

    Kevin & Tina W

  • It exceeded my expectations. I had been to Primal Con, but never had such an intimate experience where I really feel like I got to know the other participants. The wonderful thing is to meet people and realize how much we all had in common. Great to be able to bond with like-minded souls. This truly was a life changing weekend for me in mind, body and soul. **Also, I think a really important thing to know is that it is really great going solo. I was afraid I might be left out not being there with a partner or friend, but I totally did not feel that at all. I felt really comfortable knowing that other people were also there on their own and that you didn’t have to “have somebody” to do all the activities. Sometimes it’s intimidating to travel to something like this on your own without the security blanket of having a friend along with you, but I can safely say that I never felt alone or not part of the group and it was great that other people were there on their own as well!

    Janine. H


Date & Location

May 17/18-21, 2017
Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina (The closest town in Banner Elk)

Info & Rules

This is an all inclusive immersive retreat.
The focus of this event is an opportunity to go in depth on diet, exercise, mobility, and all things wellness! There will be in depth reviews of our movement patterns including the strength training movements in our program, mobility exercises, as well as basic human mechanics.

Movements will be scaled from beginner to more advanced.
Still a newbee? Not to worry, this retreat will have you up to speed in no time. You don’t have to worry that you’re not advanced enough. This is for all levels and our coaching will meet you where you are in your practice and help build you from there.

The price is based on double occupancy. Please contact if you would like to be paired up with a roommate. All activities, food, accommodations, etc. is included. Flight and travel is not included and will be the responsibility of the attendee. However, we will make a facebook page available for folks to coordinate with each other. There is ample parking on site.
Closest airport Tri-Cities Regional Airport 37 miles away or Asheville Airport 90 miles away.

Deposit of $500 due at time of booking.
Remaining payments will be due:
50% January 1st 2017
50% March 1st 2017

Cancellation Policy:
We recommend trip insurance if you are concerned about emergency cancellation. We recommend:
10% cancellation fee at all times
90 days or more out, 50% of fees can be returned.
89-60 days out, 10% of the fees can be returned
59 or less days 0% can be returned.
We will always do our best to replace you with another attendee in order to offer some refund but we can not guarantee and this will be the standard policy.


Day 0: Wednesday May 17, 2017

Optional Bonus Day Cost $499
Authentic Self/ Self Mastery with Angelo Dela Cruz and Vanessa Lambert 
Check in 5pm
Welcome Catered Paleo Dinner
Journey to the Authentic Self -Dive deep into thoughts practices and habits that encourage our more authentic selves.
This workshop will be applicable to both those currently in the Authentic Self program or for those who are not but want to spend a day diving into some of the courses most powerful subject matter.
8:00 pm
Tapping for our most Authentic selves.  Vanessa guides you through a tapping workshop specific for unveiling our authenticity.
9:00 pm
Evening wind down Mobility by Adam Lambert and Guided Meditation by Vanessa
10:00 pm lights out
Day 1 (Bonus Day cont’d) Thursday
8:30 am
Coffee, Light Breakfast, Morning vita moves, walk and gentle yoga.
Let’s prep our bodies for the day of workshops.
10 am- noon
Self Mastery Workshop with Angelo Dela Cruz
Short Vita moves session
Releasing past traumas and healing your thought patterns workshop
Closing Comments
Get ready for the rest of the gang to arrive

Day 4: Friday

7:30 am
Morning Coffee/ Light Fare
8:00 am 

Vitamoves Led By Coach Angelo Dela Cruz
Vitamoves is a synergy of therapeutic & creative movements to heal injuries, correct joint imbalances, & maximize life-long performance of the body & mind.  You can use movement to stimulate the strength & integrity of your connective tissues to be more resilient to injury & dysfunction. You can use movement to challenge yourself to go above and beyond your current capabilities and move through life with more confidence and grace.
8:30-12:30 am 
Morning Coffee Walk and Talk Followed By A Deep Dive.
Start the day off with a moderate paced hike in the Grandfather Mountain State park in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Moutains. Stretching from the northern region of Georgia all the way to Pennsylvania, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a section of the massive Appalachian mountain range.The mountains get thier distinct dark blue hue from the presene of the chemical isoprene found in many rehional plants.
During the morning walk is a great time to ask questions, learn about each other, or just be quiet and take it all in.
Deep dive into “Dynamic Range of Motion” series as well as some of our most important mobility exercises. How we do them and why. This is our chance to work out any of your kinks and help you get your mobility dialed in.
Picnic Lunch in the mountains
1:30 pm Lunch
2:30-5:30 pm 
Strength Training Workshop. Lower Body weight and weighted movements with emphasis on form and progression.
Ever wish that when you were training you could ask Adam and Vanessa if you are doing it right? Well now is your chance!
Let’s take a look at our primary lifts. We are going to help fix any form flaws to keep you safe and allow you to progress in your movements. The empahsis during this session will be to get you comfortable with the strength and conditioning movements so that you can start to progress from wherever you are in your practice. This is your oppportunity to learn from your coaches in the flesh so that you will feel more comfortable then ever when you return home!
6:00 pm Another cooking demo from our chef!
6:30 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Q&A or general hang time with the group!
8:30 pm Wind Down Mobility/ Breathwork Session for Recovery and Stress management followed guided meditation.
9:30 pm Dismissal 

Day 3: Saturday

7:30 am Morning Coffee/ Light Fare
8:00 am Vitamoves Led By Coach Angelo Dela Cruz

8:30 am Strength Training Upper Body Workshop. Body weight and weighted movements with emphasis on form and progression.  Ever wish that when you were training you could ask Adam and Vanessa if you are doing it right? Well now is your chance!  Let’s take a look at our primary lifts. We are going to help fix any form flaws to keep you safe and allow you to progress in your movements. The empahsis during this session will be to get you comfortable with the strength and conditioning movements so that you can start to progress from wherever you are in your practice. This is your oppportunity to learn from your coaches in the flesh so that you will feel more comfortable then ever when you return home!
2:00 pm Cooking Demo
Chef Liz will take us through some tips and tricks to keep your Paleo compliance as high as possible. She will also talk about how to increase nutrient consumption and keep non-Paleo items from sneaking into to the diet!
12:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm -5:00 pm
Another Hike in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.  We are going to take full advantage of the beautiful mountains that surround us and wrap our final afternoon with another inspiring hike.

7:00 pm
Farewell Dinner
An unforgettable farewell as we celebrate a weekend of fun, learning, and new friendships. Hang out and participate in our farewell meal and mobility session and final winddown.
9:00 pm
Closing comments from your hosts Vanessa, Adam, Angelo, & Liz
10:00 pm

Day 4: Sunday

7:00 am Morning Coffee & Breakfast
7:30 am Final Vitamoves. Mobility Session, Meditation.

Let’s get grounded in our bodies and all the new information we have absorbed over the weekend..
8:30 am Dismissal
10:00 am Check out


Meals will be prepared in paleo fashion utilizing the most quality ingredients available. This retreat is focused on delivering nourishing meals that are prepared with love by our private chef.

If attending solo, we will partner you with another attendee.
please email to be partnered up.

  • Bed Type:

  • Single King & Queen $2200 per person (first come first served basis)
  • Quadruple Twin $1900 per person max 4 people per room. Inquire about availability.
  • Double Occupancy Required.

  • Check In:

  • Wednesday at 5:00 pm for Authentic Life and Self Mastery Workshop attendees.
  • Thursday 5:00 pm for the rest of the group
  • Check Out:  "Sunday 10:00 am