Community ✫ Connection ✫ Transformation ✫ Adventure

Community ✫ Connection ✫ Transformation ✫  Adventure


Fire & Ice

November 2-7, 2022


Transformative Retreats & Epic Adventures 

For Purpose-Driven Humans

Transformative Retreats & Epic Adventures 

For Purpose-Driven Humans

Looking for more out of an all-inclusive vacation than buffets full of foods that give you bloat, run-of-the-mill activities that you can do almost anywhere, and overcrowded beaches with nothing new to offer?

How about something bigger, with depth and meaning? Something ADVENTUROUS that kick starts your heart, offers up the time of your life, and galvanizes your resolve to walk the path towards a deeper human experience.

Multiple room options and payment plans available from $6,500 per person

How would you like...


  • A vacation with a captivating and diverse lineup of experiences without the headache of planning it out yourself...


  • Exploration coupled with self-realization inside epic adventures that take you around the globe and headfirst into experiences of a lifetime...


  • To dive in and fully experience amazing expeditions that challenge your body, stimulate your mind, and stir your soul…


  • To eat mindfully as you travel, savoring healthy, whole-food meals and local cuisine that vibes with your body and lifestyle…


  • Experiences that are FUN and engaging - something more than sitting on a crowded beach and waiting for the adventure to come to you...


  • To travel and connect with a pack of amazing, like-minded people, driven by the desire to have fun while evolving and growing as humans...

Finding a vacation with the perfect blend of adventure can be a complicated endeavor, and planning your own getaway is a time-consuming headache, so where does that leave you?


Hold our Kombucha, because we’ve got something in the works that you’re gonna love!

Welcome To Iceland!

We’ve put together an unforgettable mix of Fire & Ice in a breathtaking country that offers you:

Four friends are looking at the sunset in the famous Jokulsarlon ice lagoon in Iceland. Exotic countries. Amazing places. (memories, impressions, rest, relaxation - concept)

Deep connections with like-minded people.

This isn’t your typical guided tour with people you’ll never actually connect with - this is an opportunity to make lifelong friends and experience the unique connection that only comes on adventures. Complete with deep conversations after a tasty meal, inside jokes and genuine laughter, and the chance to allow yourself to be truly seen and valued for what you contribute to this beautiful world. Our community is seriously epic.

The opportunity to see the best people, places, and things that Iceland has to offer.

From active volcanos and ice caves to the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon, Iceland is literally teeming with treasure. We cater to the adventurous heart, so you’ll get the opportunity to travel and explore, devour local cuisine, and meet amazing locals who welcome our group with open arms. 


Yeah, we said the F-word! All of our adventures are packed with F-bombs because being playful while soaking up life’s fun and enjoyment is what fills us up and sparks true joy.

Inside an ice glacier cave in Iceland

A healthy dose of stillness and peace of mind.

Get grounded and let go of the noise, stress, and drama that keeps you up at night. When you make time to savor the simple pleasures brought to you by your very own senses, time slows down, mindfulness returns, and you find your center.

Delicious food that’s tailored to your needs and preferences.

If you’re anything like us, you love food! And we’re guessing you also love your body and prefer to avoid polluting it with foods that don’t vibe for you. On our retreats, you’ll never have to worry about hunting for a restaurant you can eat at or getting stuck somewhere with foods you can’t or prefer not to eat. We work with local chefs and restaurants to create menus tailored to meet your preferences while maintaining the flavor and experience of the destination. YUM!


When you challenge yourself to try new things like traveling solo to a foreign country, immersing yourself amongst strangers, or pushing your physical self to new heights, you’ll become aware of who you are in a new and different way. And yes, we’ll put some money on it - that you’ll find you’re physically stronger, more emotionally resilient, and way more powerful than you realized - in our books, that’s a takeaway worth its weight in gold and something that can’t be found on a typical all-inclusive vacation.

Aurora borealis with silhouette standing man on the mountain.Freedom traveller journey concept

Inner transformation.

Make space to stretch and grow as a human and to reflect on who you are, who you’ve been, and who you want to be. Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice, and we will be taking it to the next level with movement and breathwork to ignite the fire within. Coupled with guided meditation to evoke your inner chill, we are creating a deeper connection to the elements and your life.

This retreat is special and an incredible way to experience Iceland.  


But before we dive in, let’s make one thing clear...


Our Retreats Are For People That Want The All-Inclusive Experience, But With A Little More Kick...

There’s nothing wrong with the typical all-inclusive model, but wouldn’t it be great to take that same concept and give it a little more umph? We’ve redefined “all-inclusive” to bring you more variety, more adventure, and more intimate connections with your fellow travelers.


Forget sitting around all day on some tourist-laden beach or by a crowded pool with blaring music… We prefer getting off the tourist track to EXPLORE the earth’s treasures and EXPERIENCE the local culture. We’re all about embarking on interesting, interactive experiences with our posse of adventure-minded enthusiasts - you can sit by the pool quite literally anywhere, but this kind of adventure? Carpe diem, friend. 


We’re not into food that’s been sitting out on a buffet all day, the same choices again and again. How about fresh whole-food meals, cooked up into local delicacies that make you excited to be alive! Drooling yet? Here, have seconds.


Let’s go beyond basic entertainment. Feeling limited by a corporate resort’s idea of fun is not what we’re about. This isn’t version 2.0 of Cancun in Iceland, where you find yourself roaming from pool to beach to buffet to bar, rinse repeat and repeat again. We fill your days with a variety of totally captivating and unique experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. You can find a million huge resorts with the typical all-inclusive stuff (snorkeling, tennis, golf, huge crowds, cover bands) pretty much anywhere, but what we’re offering is a living, breathing adventure, that’s curated for people who want more than the status quo. Hand-picked by the Head Adventurers In Charge.

All you have to do is show up in Iceland and...

  • Be ready for an experience you’ll remember forever (and ever and ever)
  • Get excited to make lifelong connections within your group of amazing individuals
  • Show up with your adventure pants on, locked, loaded and ready for action
  • Stop worrying about what comes next or whether or not you can eat the food


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Multiple room options and payment plans available from $6,500 per person

Here’s Our All-Inclusive Promise To You

When we say all-inclusive, we baked as much into this Icelandic feast as we possibly could…

incredible waterfall in Iceland, silhouette of man enjoying amazing view of nature


For the general public, traveling to Iceland could feel like an overwhelming logistical challenge. We have established relationships with local guides to explore some of the iconic sights but with special routes and privileges. Experience special access and experiences that come with traveling in our private group. From private snowmobiling tours to volcanoes to special performances sharing Icelandic traditions. Another huge bonus? We ensure you have private luxury lodging each night, complete with gourmet meals, hot showers, and cozy, warm beds. YES!

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 9.27.27 AM


On your journey through Iceland, we have secured deluxe lodging at two of the best locations that Iceland has to offer. Your first night will be at the esteemed Silica Hotel with access to the iconic Blue Lagoon and Silica Lagoon, an enchanting, mineral-rich waterscape that is both rejuvenating and relaxing. Your remaining nights are spent at our private boutique hotel. Off the beaten path, our private accommodations are away from the light pollution of the city with a better chance to see the magical Northern Lights. Our beautiful home away from home is complete with fluffy down comforters, sauna, indoor geothermal pool, and private ensuite bathrooms make yourself at home as the day winds down. (Wi-fi is available.)

RV camper trailer travel woman driving motorhome camping van on Iceland road trip. Asian tourist driver smiling peeking out window of front seat


The thought of traveling to and through a foreign country can definitely provoke anxiety in even the most seasoned travelers but, once you arrive in Iceland, all of your transportation is set up and ready to roll. Don’t worry about hailing a taxi or trying to speak (or understand) Icelandic - we’ll get you where you need to go, no stress at all. 


Hold the bloat and bring on the good foods that make your belly go YUM!  Prior to arriving, you’ll fill out a food and diet questionnaire so we can tailor meals to your needs and preferences. We offer the freshest of the fresh, locally sourced meals, organic coffee blends, and tasty, healthy snacks to keep you fueled and happy as you adventure on.

Reykjavik, Iceland - July 4, 2018: Beautiful geothermal spa pool in Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik. The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland.


Let’s go beyond the tourist traps and experience a real taste of Iceland! You’ll get to sit back and enjoy the ride because we’ve curated the best of what this country has to offer. From activities that get you up close and personal with ice caves and volcanoes to snorkeling between the tectonic plates and super jeep tours, we make even the sightseeing drives an adventurer's delight.  See the full itinerary for all the juicy details!


Bee The Wellness is notorious for facilitating beautiful community connections inside our magical adventures and retreats. In our own lives, we’ve been lucky enough to have a close-knit group of dear friends that we adventure with and we know how hard it can be for people to find that. Our mission is to conjure up instant community and connection for our guests, that leaves you with the best of memories, and friends you’ll never forget. Experiencing the wonders of the world is great, but experiencing them with some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet is even better. When you join our community, it’s about so much more than amazing experiences and delicious food - you’re finding and connecting with your people.

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Multiple room options and payment plans available from $6,500 per person

It’s Your Turn To Experience The Land of Fire & Ice


“The problem with driving around Iceland is that you’re basically confronted by a new soul-enriching, breath-taking, life-affirming natural sight every five goddamn minutes. It’s totally exhausting.”

-Stephen Markley

Experience Iceland:

Introducing Fire & Ice.

November 2 thru 7, 2022

Get grounded and connect with your travel companions as you explore the traditions, the land, and the people of Iceland. Enjoy daily excursions that take you on a deep dive into the spirit and landscape with the most perfect blend of outdoor adventure and inner transformation.  


You’ll get a highly curated experience and the best of everything Iceland has to offer with a healthy dose of transformation a la Bee The Wellness.


Soak in the Icelandic countryside as we adventure our way through some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.


Begin each day with an invigorating combination of breathwork and movement followed by epic adventures including snorkeling between tectonic plates, snowmobiling on snow-capped glaciers, and super jeep tours - all while basking in the magic of the topography around you.


At night, luxuriate in the best accommodations and top each evening off with a guided meditation to help integrate your experience. 


Be sure to ready your palate for otherworldly farm to table meals - you’ll also experience a taste of Icelandic culture with local storytellers and musicians. 


We’ll make our way from the Blue Lagoon through the Golden Circle, home to the Gullfoss waterfall and Thingvellir National Park. Walk between two continents and discover where the nation of Iceland first began. Find and explore the ever-changing hidden ice caves of Myrdalsjokull Glacier.


Cross one off the bucket list with this time of your life experience that leaves no adventure left undone. 

Multiple room options and payment plans available from $6,500 per person

the itinerary - a snapshot

The Land Of Fire & Ice

A Cultural Immersion With A Big Side Of Adventure!

Day One Wednesday, November 2 

Silica Hotel | Blue Lagoon  

Day Two Thursday, November 3

The Golden Circle Tour | Snorkel Silfra Fissure

Day Three Friday, November 4

 Snowmobiling on Eyjafjallajölull | Super Jeep Tour Thorsmork Valley

Day Four Saturday, November 5

Ice Caves at Myrdalsjokull Glacier

Day Five Sunday, November 6

Coaching | Sauna & Spa | Icelandic Story & Music Performance

Day Six Monday, November 7

Depart For Airport or Reykjavik

Want A Better View?

Get a better view of the adventure that awaits and read in full detail about the day-to-day awesomeness you’ll experience within this journey.

When You Sign Up, Here’s What You’re Getting...

  • Amazing, one-of-a-kind activities
  • Delicious whole-food meals, tailored to your lifestyle
  • A fun group to travel and connect with
  • Travel logistics that are totally taken care of
  • Private luxury lodging and accommodations
  • A journey into the landscape and culture of Iceland

But, Seriously… Here’s What You’re Really Getting...


We’ve checked off ALL of the important things on our list of “stuff that makes for an amazing adventure”, but there are a few things we couldn’t fit on the list... 


For instance, how could we possibly describe the feeling you’ll get from truly connecting with other humans who get you, who see you, and who are in it with you as you hold on tight for the journey of a lifetime? 


And what words could we rightly choose to adequately describe what it’s like to share an experience that’s deeply moving, with others who are just as moved as you? 


It seems impossible to explain the deep bonds forged from spending cherished hours together, laughing, feeling joy, and maybe sharing a few tears with people who come to know you on a different and deeper level than you’ve ever experienced...


It’s the stuff of magic and exactly what happens when you travel with our Bee The Wellness community.


And really, if you’re not sure that Iceland is the retreat for you or if you still have any doubt in your mind, let’s jump on a call and you can get a sample-size bite of who we are and hear our first-hand tales of the adventure to come that we hope you’ll join.  

Multiple room options and payment plans available from $6,500 per person

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Multiple room options and payment plans available from $6,500 per person

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