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Higher: Health & Life Optimization Retreats

Luxury health and life coaching experiences for Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional alignment.

Location: MAUI

Dates: May 10-14, 2023

Join Coach Tara Garrison

Escape your everyday routine to focus on YOU, in a magical, immersive setting… and nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy five days and four nights of health, restorative wellness and personal breakthroughs in Upcountry Maui. 

Higher Retreats are in-person, immersive experiences dedicated to helping you dive inside yourself physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to get into a place of alignment, peace, and self-loving confidence.

The goal of the Maui experience is to create a deep paradigm shift in how you view your body, your health, your life, and yourself, utilizing the transformative power of Mother Earth in Maui, and learning from the ancient wisdom of Hawaiian culture.

This retreat is your chance to experience a reboot, both physically and mentally, with a soul-aligned community of like-minded people. The goal is to achieve a deep paradigm shift by re-examining how you look at and treat your health, your life, and yourself.

This carefully curated adventure doesn’t involve calorie-counting and strenuous exercise. This is not a “bootcamp” style retreat. This is a fun, natural, holistic approach to well-being. You will reconnect and heal by walking, dancing, hiking, exploring, swimming in the ocean, surfing, and enjoying local cuisine. all while interacting with nature to nurture your soul, and attending workshops and activities that will change your paradigm.

Tara’s goal is to help you genuinely FEEL real health without the societal expectations that accompany a healthy lifestyle. There will be no boiled, flavorless chicken and grueling workouts. This is real, aligned, and complete wellness without the “suffering!”

During this retreat, I learned to love. Love fearlessly. Love myself … and love others with a more graceful heart. This retreat reminded me that life is so short, but we can make it so beautiful. Tara did amazing and so did her speakers. I loved everyone there, and I can’t wait till the next one!.

-Andrea J.

It was great to be in a community of like-minded individuals and feel safe to open up to people I've never met before without judgment. It definitely pushed me outside of my comfort level … in a good way! I highly recommend it to anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

-Susan K.

The vibe of connecting with others and watching them partake in life-changing moments was incredible. You will regret not taking an opportunity to upgrade your life, and the self-discovery is endless if you truly open yourself up to it.

-Wendie B.

It was really a huge breath of fresh air to be surrounded by a group of such amazing people. You could feel just how real and genuine everyone was. It makes it hard to leave that vibe and go back into my life. I know that means I have changes to make in my life.

-Sophie P.

I just really appreciated every second of the retreat. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone, but I also know that so many will be a part of my life forever. I can't say enough about how amazing it truly was.

-Jullie S.

I loved being surrounded by like-minded people that were there to better themselves, the energy flowing, and the sincere people. Go to a HIGHER Retreat! It's well worth your time to do something for yourself and get in the right frame of mind to work on starting to make a better life for yourself. I so appreciated all of the heart, energy, and time put into making the retreat special and with fun, unexpected things along the way (like the fun gifts along the way). I left wanting so much more and being in a good headspace.

-Kaye R.

I was so surprised by how deep it ended up being. I really don’t know what I expected. I guess I figured it would dive into some inner work but not necessarily go as deep. And to be with a group of people that are genuinely open to the work they’re doing AND vulnerable enough to express it, I was not expecting that. It speaks volumes to Tara and Kathryn, the kind of people they work with and bring forward and help us all to get connected to. If you are on the fence about a HIGHER Retreat … Do it … Just do it. Surrender into what it could be and let yourself go with curiosity and openness. It’ll invoke change, even in the subtlest of ways.

-Reagan F.

The entire retreat was outstanding. The most powerful day for me mentally was the day devoted to my Inner Child - between the hike with the meditation at the top, the yoga, and the evening to dress as my inner child, it was all facilitated perfectly for me to feel paradigms shifting.

-Sarah M.

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May 10-14, 2023

This is not your typical program

This is about breathing new life into your overall health and well-being.

Imagine a beautiful, safe and sacred space where you can reconnect with your inner self and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit… while you are inspired and nourished by nature.

HIGHER is a break from the hectic pace of life, where you can tap into the healing power of stunning, natural surroundings and return to feeling balanced, centered and whole.

Who is this retreat for?

Absolutely anyone who wants to gain a deeper sense of well-being, increased energy, and feel empowered, rejuvenated and restored, this is for you!

You don’t have to be a client of Tara’s to attend this program.
You just need to come ready to experience an immersive, transformative process in one of the most idyllic locations in the world.

What you will Experience at HIGHER:

cup Decoration

Meet your Coach,

Tara Garrison

The founder of HIGHER, a Health & Life Coaching company that offers training, nutrition, mindset and biohacking coaching. She has been instrumental in optimizing the health of many celebrities, professional athletes, and top executives.
She is the creator of the popular Keto In & Out System, in which she teaches how to “Do Keto, Not Forever” to optimize metabolism, brain power, athletic performance and physique. She has written a book, Short-Term Keto, to further explain this concept of metabolic flexibility.
Tara also hosts the Inside Out Health Podcast, where she chats with other experts to bring you the latest information in the nutritional, biohacking, training and personal development fields.
She is a passionate Mindset and Health Optimization Coach who loves helping her clients really dig in and identify all the factors that contribute to a misalignment in their total well-being. She loves to facilitate deep transformational experiences to shift their mindset, so they can truly implement and enjoy the change that they want in their lives. This is why she has created The 4 Peaks program and the 4 Peaks: LIVE retreat; to offer a personalized and life-changing experience for her clients.
Tara is a mom of 4, an avid weightlifter, a Boston Marathoner, and lover of nature.

The reason I started holding retreats was to provide experiences in which people can unplug, and feel the power of nature and its capacity for healing and expansion. Reconnecting people with their innermost being, spirit and soul is the starting point to discovering truth, passion, and love for life!

I love to dig deep… I have effective and curated methods in place, but part of my process is to customize experiences to meet the needs of my clients. And then together, we focus on centering and healing their mind and body.

I offer one-on-one AND group coaching in HIGHER, so my people get both individualized attention and the support of a like-minded community.

Fun is one of my core values in my life and my business. “If I’m not having fun, neither are they” and “make fitness fun again” are my mantras!

Education & Certifications

I loved being surrounded by like-minded people that were there to better themselves, the energy flowing, and the sincere people. Go to a HIGHER Retreat! It’s well worth your time to do something for yourself and get in the right frame of mind to work on starting to make a better life for yourself. I so appreciated all of the heart, energy, and time put into making the retreat special and with fun, unexpected things along the way (like the fun gifts along the way). I left wanting so much more and being in a good headspace

-Kaye R.

Daily Activity Schedule

Immersive health & life optimization centered around nature, HIGHER Coaching and locally sourced farm-to-table meals.

Here is how you can join us!

Shared Room

from $4500

Couple's Room

from $9600


from $5800


Traveling solo? No problem. We’ll pair you up with a same-sex roommate to share your journey. Warning: this could lead to life-long friendships and memories to last a lifetime!

No, each traveler is responsible for getting to and from the retreat. Once there, your transportation is included.

You will need to secure your own transportation to the venue. Once you are there, all of your transportation is included.

You will fly into Maui Airport, also known as Kahului Airport (OGG).

Your flights to and from OGG, and transportation to and from the venue on Maui’s North Shore.

No. Gratuities are included in your trip fee.

While this retreat is adventurous, it does not require tremendous physical capacity, however, there are a few activities that involve heights.

You will have the option to opt-out of any of the activities if you choose. You can email us at [email protected] for more information.

Please let us know if there is something you would like to opt-out ahead of time of so we can prepare accordingly. 

Yes, and we’re here to help. Prior to your arrival, you’ll be asked to fill out a dietary intake form so we can customize your meals to meet your health needs and preferences.

May is one of the very best times to visit Maui. Temperatures reach very warm highs, days are long with 9 hours of sunshine and the rainy season is over. During the day, temperatures climb to low 80s F and nights don’t get cooler than 70°F. The ocean is a very pleasant 79°F and everything is set for a wonderful stay on Maui.

Once you sign up, we’ll send you a packing list that covers everything you’ll need.

Airfare, ground transportation to and from the venue, laundry service, all items of a personal nature, and travel insurance (required).

Please see our Terms Of Service for the complete cancellation policy. 

  • Greater than 90 days 50% refunded
  • 90 – 60 days 10% refunded
  • Less than 60 days no refund
  • 20% fee for bookings that are transferred to another person or event

We must follow the guidelines the local health authority puts forward, in this case, Maui County. You can access up-to-date information at their website

Reconnect and realign with a powerful, immersive, well-being experience
that is second to none.

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