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We understand you’re skeptical (especially if you’ve been burned by other personal coaching programs in the past). So here’s the deal: we’ll coach you through 2 whole weeks of your first challenge. If by day 14 you aren’t convinced this program is for you, we will refund 100% of what you paid—no questions asked!


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Introducing Unveil Your Wellness Personal Paleo Lifestyle Coaching, a Paleo-based system designed to help you achieve long-term health and fitness and get more pleasure out of life. Our program is different because it addresses all aspects of your health picture, not just bits and pieces. We’ve built it on a framework of seven pillars of wellness:

Bee Active Bee Adventurous Bee Creative Bee Loving Bee Nourished Bee Present Bee Silly

Unveil Your Wellness is organized around the four seasons and split into twelve 21-day challenges. Instead of repeating the same routine, you’ll find new workouts and new strategies with every challenge. Plus, no more guesswork; we’ll show you how to exercise, sleep, and feed your body and soul. Soon, healthy choices will become second nature.

Unveil Your Wellness is brought to you by Adam and Vanessa Lambert of Bee the Wellness, an innovative personal coaching company based in California. This couple has been living and working in the Paleo world for nearly 10 years, helping to educate and empower clients on their personal journeys to optimal health.

Now, with Unveil Your Wellness, Adam and Vanessa are offering the same professional guidance offered to their one-on-one coaching clients—for a fraction of the cost!