Bee The Wellness “Presents”

As “master experience creators”, we take your idea and plan the retreat of your dreams, curated 100% for you.

Event planning comes with its own unique challenges and robust needs, and with our collective 10+ years of experience, we are pros at strategy, thinking outside the box, and creative dream-making. From conception to creation, we support your vision and build an incredible experience to bring your community together. We make organizing your event stress-free for you, no matter how big or how far-flung.

We have one objective; creating the most memorable experience for you. We do the work, and you
show up, relax and enjoy.

When we are scouting a location or putting together an event we don’t just think of it as another vacation, we want to think about how it will hit all of your senses and how it will evoke a new reality or perception of how you view the world and your place in it. Anyone can put a trip together… but we want every event to feel like an experience of a lifetime.
–Vanessa Lambert

With every event…

From your lodging and food, to a carefully crafted itinerary of amazing activities, the logistics of your experience are taken care of so you can immerse yourself completely in the moments.
All you have to do is show up and be ready for a transformative adventure.


Embark on your journey knowing that you’re getting the very best.
You’ll be staying in amazing accommodations, in the most perfect locations, with top shelf service, making for an indulgent experience inside whatever adventure you choose.


Show up to all of your meals knowing that they’re free from the foods you prefer to avoid. Enjoy farm-to-table meals full of local flavor, packed with the freshest ingredients to sustain and nourish your body.


Our retreats promote responsible travel; we support and are respectful of local people, their cultures and the environment. We are mindful travelers, and are conscientious on our trips.
Bee The Wellness makes sure your dietary preferences and needs are accommodated all while getting to experience authentic local cuisine which is incredibly nourishing and an experience to delight all the senses.
-Erin G

Join A Community Of Adventurers

Beautiful landscapes, pristine waters, crisp and clean air in locales across the globe… experiencing the joy, peace and awe of our mother earth truly stirs the soul.
Sharing that joy with your fellow adventurers is what makes our events truly special. We attract a down-to-earth community of incredible people who are curious seekers, just like you.
People who will catalyze your growth and awakening, who will support you on your journey, and who might just end up being lifelong friends and fellow travelers for many adventures to come. Community and connection are what we’re all about.

“They truly care about creating relationships!”
Fantastic group of people looking to help others on their journey to discover their true selves. Warm, friendly coaches who are passionate about what they do, how they do it and committed to helping you, whether it be online, on a retreat or via podcast. They truly care about creating relationships!
-Kathy F








Still undecided? Have some questions? We are happy to give you more details!

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