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connect to your Cosmic Family

Spring Equinox

Awakening Retreat

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Embark on an extraordinary transformative journey at the Starseed Awakening Retreat in Joshua Tree this spring equinox. This retreat isn't just a journey; it's a profound awakening of self and spirit, meticulously crafted for those who hear the whispers of the cosmos – the Starseeds.

Step into a realm where every moment is an invitation to connect deeply with your cosmic lineage. This retreat is your gateway to unravel the mysteries of your starseed identity, bridging the gap between the earthly and the celestial. It's more than self-discovery; it's a soulful expedition to the core of your being, guided by the harmonious energies of the spring equinox.

In this sacred space, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of Joshua Tree, you will not only discover but also embrace your true cosmic nature. This experience is designed to resonate with those who feel an intrinsic pull towards the stars, offering a sanctuary for deep spiritual exploration and celestial alignment.

Transformative Retreats With
Vanessa Lambert

Harnessing Nature's Power · Deepening Spiritual Connections · Elevating Energy Fields

from $3,700 per person

Harmonizing With The Universe's Rhythms

Our retreats are intentionally aligned with three of the four most pivotal celestial events of the year: the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Fall Equinox. These moments mark significant transitions in the Earth's journey around the sun, offering unique energies and opportunities for profound personal and spiritual growth.

Spring Equinox in Joshua Tree March 21-24, 2024:

As nature reawakens, we gather in the enchanting desert of Joshua Tree. This time symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth, offering a perfect backdrop for initiating transformative journeys.

What Awaits You


Connecting with
Cosmic Ancestors

Embracing Your

As a Starseed, your journey to connect with your cosmic lineage is profound.
Together, we'll explore your connection to ancient cosmic ancestors, harnessing their wisdom to support your mission work.

This retreat is a unique opportunity to align with your celestial purpose, deepening your understanding of your place in the cosmos. Amidst the mystical backdrop of Joshua Tree, you'll engage in practices that awaken your connection to the stars, empowering you on your mission.


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Celestial Balance: Harmonizing with the Equinox

The Spring Equinox at Joshua Tree is a time of perfect equilibrium, ideal for connecting with cosmic entities. This balance between light and dark opens a powerful frequency for celestial communication.


Guided Cosmic Connection

Our journey will deepen your cosmic connections, enhancing your spiritual and personal growth.



Join a community of Starseeds, each seeking to explore their cosmic heritage. Together, we will share this transformative experience, forging deep connections with the universe and each other.

Celestial Alignment And

Embrace the Cosmic Calendar – Spring Equinox at Joshua Tree

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Uncover your
Cosmic Legacy

The Starseed Awakening Retreat during the Spring Equinox is a gateway to discovering your soul's origin and connecting with your celestial family. This profound experience in the ethereal landscape of Joshua Tree is designed to deepen your understanding of your cosmic mission. By aligning with the equinox's balanced energies, you'll gain unparalleled insights into your celestial lineage, forging a powerful connection with your spiritual ancestors. This connection not only reveals your place in the cosmos but also illuminates your path forward, guiding you in fulfilling your cosmic destiny.

Want To Know More?

Here's What You Can Expect

A Journey into Celestial Synergy

Want To Know More?

Here's What You Can Expect

Here's What You Can Expect A Journey Aligned With The Universe’s Most Powerful Moments

Refined Retreat Experiences

Refined Retreat Experiences

  • Celestial Connection in Nature’s Embrace:
  • Interpreting Cosmic Messages:
  • Energetic Alignment with the Cosmos:
  • Community of Cosmic Seekers:
  • Holistic Practices for Celestial Alignment:
  • Guidance Tuned to Celestial Frequencies:

Interpreting Cosmic Messages:

Celestial Connection in Nature's Embrace:

Energetic Alignment with the Cosmos

Community of Cosmic Seekers:

Holistic Practices for Celestial Alignment:

Guidance Tuned to Celestial Frequencies:

Spring Equinox in Joshua Tree

Starseed Awakening
March 21-24, 2024

Detailed Itinerary

Explore the cosmic energy of rebirth and new beginnings in the serene desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park. This retreat includes meditative hikes that take you deep into the natural beauty of the area, providing a powerful setting for spiritual awakening. Complementing these hikes, participate in Kundalini Yoga sessions designed to awaken your energy centers and connect you with your Starseed origins amidst the desert’s extraterrestrial energies.

Day 1: Arrival and Cosmic Welcome
  • Gathering at Boulder Amphitheatre: Begin your journey in the mystical surroundings of Joshua Tree, a place pulsating with cosmic energy.
  • Opening Welcome Ceremony at Amphitheatre: Our evening begins with Kundalini Yoga tailored to harmonize with the Starseed frequencies of Joshua Tree. This session, set in the breathtaking Boulder Amphitheatre, focuses on connecting you with the vast cosmos and Joshua Tree's unique spiritual essence. As we transition into the welcoming segment, we'll collectively set our intentions, embarking on a journey of cosmic exploration and unity.
  • Dinner Under the Stars: Savor a meal surrounded by the serene desert landscape, enhancing your connection with the earth and sky.
  • Movie Screening "Calling All Earthlings": Dive into the enigmatic story of George Van Tassel and the Integratron, a narrative deeply rooted in our retreat's extraterrestrial theme.
  • Fireside Chat: End the evening with relaxed conversations by the fire, gazing up at the expansive desert sky, a canvas for celestial wonders and begin the gentle connection process.
Day 2: Exploration and Sound Healing
  • Sunrise Kundalini Yoga at Amphitheatre: Embrace the new day with yoga that captures the tranquil energy of sunrise, setting a tone of peace and inner awakening.
  • Breakfast Amidst Nature: A nourishing breakfast in the amphitheatre, preparing for a day of profound discoveries and connections.
  • Guided Hike in a Wonderland of Rocks: Traverse the unique landscapes of Joshua Tree, exploring its mystical rock formations and tapping into the ancient energies of the land.
  • Picnic Lunch in the Park: Enjoy a picnic in Joshua Tree National Park, a serene setting for communing with nature's spirit.
  • Group meditation to connect to the celestial elements: A guided group meditation amongst the iconic boulders and trees of Joshua Tree National Park where we will begin to call in the elemental and cosmic beings.
  • Sound Bath at The Integratron: We will
    Deepen our connection to the cosmicones through the famed Integratron's sound bath, a direct link to the cosmic energies and mysteries of George Van Tassel's vision.
  • Dinner at a Special Location: An exceptional dinner at a unique desert location, adding an element of adventure and surprise to our celestial journey.
Day 3: Deepening the Journey
  • Sunrise Kundalini Yoga: Another morning of revitalizing Kundalini Yoga, preparing us for a day of deep spiritual exploration.
  • Breakfast with a View: A fulfilling breakfast in the amphitheatre, surrounded by the natural beauty of Joshua Tree.
  • Akashic Journey and Sound Experience with Vanessa Lambert: Vanessa guides us through the Akashic records, using sound to strengthen our connection with our Starseed origins and celestial family.
  • Lunch in Harmony with Nature: A peaceful meal in the amphitheatre, allowing for reflection and rejuvenation.
  • Afternoon of Solitude and Contemplation: Spend this time meditating or exploring the spiritual energy of the desert.
  • Dinner: A nutritious evening meal in the amphitheatre, sharing insights and experiences from the day.
  • Equinox Celebration at Amphitheatre: A surprise Joshua Tree style ending will bring fashion, laughter and memories that will last a lifetime. 
  • Final Starseed meditation and opening to call in the cosmic ones.
Day 4: Closing and Departure
  • Final Sunrise Kundalini Yoga: Our last morning yoga session, a moment to reflect on our journey and energize for the path ahead.
  • Farewell Breakfast at Amphitheatre: Share experiences and insights over breakfast, cherishing our last moments together in this sacred space.
  • Closing Ceremony at Amphitheatre: A meaningful ceremony led by Vanessa Lambert, offering gratitude, sharing transformative experiences, and setting intentions for integrating our cosmic discoveries into daily life.
  • Packing Time and Departures: Prepare for departure, carrying with us the memories and connections made during our Starseed awakening in the heart of Joshua Tree.

Gathering location

Off-site accommodations can be included at this location or you can book your own and do a day tripper option  

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Hello, I'm Vanessa Lambert, founder of Starseed Collective and your guide for this celestial journey. With decades of experience in holistic health, spiritual coaching, and personal development, I bring a unique blend of expertise and empathy to these retreats. My approach, deeply rooted in the belief that true wellness encompasses mind, body, and spirit, is tailored to help individuals navigate life’s transitions and harness the power of nature’s cycles. Known for my intuitive coaching style, I am dedicated to guiding you through a transformative experience that resonates on all levels. My own journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, enriched by diverse healing modalities and philosophies from around the world, infuses these retreats with eclectic wisdom. As we align with the powerful energies of the equinoxes and solstice, I am committed to helping you uncover inner strengths, achieve harmony, and catalyze profound personal growth and enlightenment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival time is 4:00 PM. 
Check-out time is 11:00 AM.

All accommodations for Joshua Tree are off-site in our guest’s retreat houses.  You are welcome to book your accommodations and “day trip” in. 

All accommodations are off-site but we will provide transport to and from the retreat location each day.

All booked rooms are solo (not shared)

Shared accommodations are possible if you have a sister or friend you would like to share a bed with. Please email [email protected] for more info.

If you book your accommodations please email us at [email protected] to coordinate your location. You do not want to be far from the retreat site. 

Although we love our Starseed Men, the Starseed Awakening retreat is for women only. 

Flights are not included in the cost. 

You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the airport to the retreat. However, all transport during retreat is included. 

Palm Springs (PSP) is the closest airport followed by Burbank (BUR) and Los Angeles (LAX). Please be sure to check travel times and consider traffic from your chosen airport to arrive/ depart on time. 

Your transport to and from the airport.

All tips and gratuities are included in your cost. 

Due to the deep meditative nature of this retreat alcoholic beverages are not allowed. 

Our activities will be light. All fitness levels are welcome. 

No problem. Please let us know if there is something you would like to opt out of. 

No worries. We will send out a dietary preferences and allergy intake document. We can accommodate your needs.

In March, Joshua Tree National Park experiences a mild transition from winter to spring. Daytime temperatures range from mid-60s to low 80s Fahrenheit, with cooler nights sometimes near freezing. This period is ideal for outdoor activities, as the weather is generally pleasant. Occasional rainfall can trigger beautiful wildflower blooms. Visitors should be ready for cooler evenings and potential rain.

We will send a packing list out about 30 days before the retreat. However, prepare to bring layers including a rain jacket. A very warm coat for. our outdoor evenings under the stars. White yoga clothes are always welcome but not required. Shoes you can hike/walk in.  

Accommodations (unless you book with accommodation), Flights, Transport to and from the retreat, and any souvenirs or goodies you would like to purchase. 

The full cancellation policy can be found in our TERMS of SERVICE
  • Greater than 90 days 50% refunded (90 days from March 21, 2024)
  • 90 – 60 days 10% refunded
  • Less than 60 days no refund
  • 20% fee for bookings that are transferred to another person or event
We strongly recommend Travel and Trip Protection insurance. You can use these websites to compare rates and get advice from agents (we may receive a commission if you purchase a policy using these links): Squaremouth and Insure My Trip

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