• There isn’t one thing I’d change about this trip, it was absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! I chose to go on this adventure “alone”, to really get in touch with who I am and who I want to be. Turns out, I’m quite the adventurer! I climbed waterfalls in the jungle, paddleboarded the Pacific, and went rafting in a majestic mountain river. In our quiet moments, getting up and looking out over the mountain jungle to the ocean, in a group meditation just before bed (try this, you’ll get amazing sleep), I connected with something special. I got to know some amazing people, that I now count as great friends, despite the miles that separate us. From the beautiful residence (that pool!) to the fantastic food, you’ll feel so indulgent and relaxed. It’s no exaggeration to say that this trip actually changed my life. Since the trip, I’ve been embracing adventure in a BIG way. I finally took that bellydance class (and again met an amazing group of people), I do outdoor yoga on my lunchbreak (despite hundreds of fellow government employees walking by and thinking our little class might be …weird), I’m going to learn to drive a motorcycle…. If you’re thinking about taking this trip, just go for it. You won’t regret it.

    Virginia R new
  • “This was my very first vacation like this and oh my goodness, I want to go again! “
     From the active day trips to the relaxing time at the beautiful house to the lively and interactive talks throughout the trip, it was definitely more than what I hoped for.  Vanessa and Adam definitely know how to run a retreat!
    My favorite aspects of the trip were the mobility & movement sessions (where else do you get to do this), the sprinting workshop on the beach, the stand-up paddle boarding (even though I was a little nervous to be out on the ocean), the sunset boat trip on the last night and eating meals together outside at the house.  It was a nice mix between activities and relaxation.
    What really sealed the deal for me, was the amazing nutrient-dense food at EVERY SINGLE MEAL, included in the trip.  As a nutrition practitioner and as a paleo/primal foodie fanatic, I can’t express how wonderful it is to not think about the quality of the food, meaning, it was all so great and pure!  There were even a couple of real foods that don’t work for me and I was able to talk about with Vanessa prior to the trip.  She communicated with the chef so that I could be accommodated and it was wonderful!
    I would highly recommend this retreat and hope to be able to participate in another one in the future!  Pura Vida!
    Gina R
  • “This is not just any ole “find like-minded people and sure it sounds good so I’ll go for it retreat…not hardly – this is a once in a lifetime adventure…with the bonus that all the food is Paleo/ Primal!”
    The hosts Adam and Vanessa Lambert are passionate about wellness and have put together a vacation/retreat/experience that has not been duplicated by others.  Activities included paddle boarding/kayaking, whitewater river rafting, a local-color mangrove tour and sunset sailing. While all these activities were amazing, the highlight of the week was the meal conversations.  Like-minded souls warmly shared their paleo journey, their challenges and victories, and perspectives on the direction of the movement, all  while dining on the most amazing food. No stone was unturned with wide ranging dinner topics, covering sleep, exercise strategies, cooking, latest and best books, podcasts, web sites and other valuable resources.
    This retreat is a must if you are new to the paleo community, looking for a jump start back to the paleo lifestyle or just want to go to Costa Rica and be with warm & loving individuals who want the best for you.  The private estate exceeded our expectations and the food was fantastic.  We highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Costa Rican get away with benefits!
    We loved this experience and look forward to another adventure with Adam and Nesta!
    Kevin & Tina W
  • “I wasn’t sure what to expect but this trip looked too good to miss. I was blown away by the experience, the coaching, and the beautiful country that is Costa Rica.” I know it might sound crazy but this trip actually changed my outlook on life and everything seemed to shift for the better when I got back to my “normal” life. I can’t recommend this adventure enough!”

    Erin G
  • “I cannot say enough about the wonderful Bee The Wellness Paleo Adventure Retreat!”
      I decided to attend the Retreat because it has it all:  a restful vacation as well as a learning experience and adventure for myself.  The best part of the retreat for me was being with our coaches, Vanessa and Adam Lambert, which make you feel like family. They provided a very well planned out trip with absolutely nothing to worry about after you step off the plane from transportation to the villa to a personal chef, planned out activities, down time that included just talking and learning with Adam and Vanessa and optional workouts and mobility sessions.  One of my favorite times of the entire trip was every evening we were led through a relaxing meditation reflecting on our day and our life.  This retreat was an incredible growing and learning experience for myself to not only do things on my own and take the time I needed out of my busy life to make myself a priority but also to step outside my comfort zone to do things I would never normally do in my everyday life.  And the food, how can I forget the food, it was Amazing 5 star, farm fresh from the land and local, Paleo and prepared for us daily!  I had the time of my life and cannot wait to do it again!  Vanessa and Adam have thought of everything on this trip and all you have to do is show up and relax and feel the Pura Vida.”
    Jennifer A
  • “The Bee the Wellness Costa Rican Retreat is a wonderful experience!  Adam and Vanessa create an environment where your paleo/primal journey can thrive, no matter where you are along the way.” They are available to discuss and answer any question you may have, and help tweak your methods and fitness plans.  The accommodations are beautiful, open air Costa Rican concept.  The activities are awesome, with nature right at your door and plenty of time for moving and relaxing.  The food is first class paleo so you don’t have to fret about what to eat.  It’s truly a time and place where I connect with myself and my paleo peeps!” –

    Pura Vida- Meg M.
  • It exceeded my expectations. I had been to Primal Con, but never had such an intimate experience where I really feel like I got to know the other participants. The wonderful thing is to meet people and realize how much we all had in common. Great to be able to bond with like-minded souls. This truly was a life changing weekend for me in mind, body and soul. **Also,

    I think a really important thing to know is that it is really great going solo. I was afraid I might be left out not being there with a partner or friend, but I totally did not feel that at all. I felt really comfortable knowing that other people were also there on their own and that you didn’t have to “have somebody” to do all the activities. Sometimes it’s intimidating to travel to something like this on your own without the security blanket of having a friend along with you, but I can safely say that I never felt alone or not part of the group and it was great that other people were there on their own as well!

    Janine. H
  • The trips really cement your purpose and intentions, whether it’s your nutrition or movement or mindset. You meet and bond with such awesome people. I think that when I’ve had a rough time and felt less positive about my ability to stick with a healthy life, the connections I feel towards my trip-Bees has helped me stay the course.

    Virginia R.
  • Adam and Vanessa were great hosts, teachers, guides, etc. it was great getting to know them and felt that they really cared about my wellbeing and were very supportive.

    Travis Kindler
  • Vanessa and Adam are awesome at what they do, etc. but are also awesome people. The personal/social side made the experience very easy and enjoyable.

    Matt Ritter
  • Don’t miss this opportunity! The entire crew is amazing and extremely passionate. They provided the perfect blend of education/healthy eating / goal setting and working out, with plenty of time for fun and relaxation. Making this commitment and applying what you learn…will positively change your life for the better.

    Joe Palonis from DC
  • The food was delicious, and plentiful!  The accommodations were lovely and offered a variety of spaces indoor and out.The coaches were great!  Helpful, patient, informative and fun! Love, love loved the experience!

    Meg McGill
  • I would recommend this retreat to anyone and would not hesitate given the opportunity to do it again myself.  I have nothing but wonderful things to say and have great respect and admiration for everyone involved in putting the weekend together.  It was a life changing experience.

    Sherry Johnson
  • The retreat exceeded expectations thanks to your expansive knowledge, skilled teaching ,and caring natures!

    Amanda Dewoody
  • I’d give it a 10! (Normally nothing gets a 10, 9 is my best) – This was EXACTLY what I needed!

    Cat Crothers
  • 10! Everyone involved in the retreat were very knowledgable and helpful. We were able to ask questions and interact in a more intimate setting. The trainers were awesome!

    Andrea Barnett
  • I truly cannot say enough about my three day transformation retreat.  I feel healthy, strong and hope to continue on this same path. I loved the feel of the whole weekend.  It was like spending time with your smartest friends and learning from them through play. I loved it all and I can’t wait to see you all again.  THANK YOU!!!!!!.

    Liz Cohn