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Experience It All And Thrive Beyond 40

⭒ Santa Fe, New Mexico April 17-20 2025 ⭒

I think it’s time to shed the notion that health, wellness, and vitality end when perimenopause begins. Let’s do it together.

I’m thrilled to offer Thrive Beyond 40: Embrace Wellness from Within – a hands-on wellness retreat in enchanting Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This retreat was designed for the modern woman looking to embrace holistic, science-backed methods for radiant health after 4o.


Here’s What You Can Expect…

Education: Sessions crafted with science-backed information on holistic health specifically for women in perimenopause, menopause, and beyond. 

Direct access: You get to hang out with yours truly for in-person teachings and to get your personalized questions answered.

Group coaching: Sessions led by me and special guest speakers designed to further explore and build your health toolkit. You’ll leave overflowing with ideas and motivation to get you started.

Group connection: Like-minded, growth-oriented women gathered together in community. An opportunity to meet new friends and hold each other up.

Nourishing Food: Nourishing meals carefully crafted by our on-site chefs;

Join me to craft your personal guide and build your toolkit to help you feel your best in perimenopause and beyond.

If you know there’s a path to health restoration, but you’re feeling lost – this retreat is for you. Let me be your guide to educate, inspire, and empower you.

Perimenopause and Menopause isn’t a death sentence – it’s simply a transition from one phase of life to the next.

Have you noticed any of those dreaded “changes” yet? I’m talking sudden hot flashes, majorly disrupted menstrual cycles, rollercoaster mood swings, stubborn weight gain, sleep disruptions, feeling exhausted all the time, extreme emotions, frustrating weight gain, loss of bone and muscle health and so on – those hallmark symptoms of our ovaries winding down in 40 and beyond.

Enduring all of those symptoms is entirely optional.

I know that might feel impossible – especially if you’re in the throes of it. While perimenopause is a natural transition ahead of all of us, the amount of useful education, trustworthy resources, and effective tools for making it easy (hell, even just bearable) is disappointingly low. And, the narrative is quite frankly bleak.

Imagine looking into the mirror and seeing the familiar you - feeling confident and completely at home in your own skin. Get ready to dismantle the limiting beliefs of suffering through menopause and embrace a mindset that propels you into vitality and regeneration.

Let’s achieve that!

For the past 25 years, I’ve dedicated my work to understanding how to support our unique and changing needs during perimenopause and beyond. I’m thrilled to be able to offer this retreat to help women get a deeper understanding of their personal health to get them on a path of wellness, vitality, and radiance.

This is your opportunity to get an in-depth connection to YOUR personal health landscape and learn holistic approaches backed by science that will give you back your zest for life. Prepare to immerse yourself in self-exploration, challenge your limits, and rekindle your spirit with me by your side.

Book your spot and start your transformation!
From $4,200 per person

Who Is Cynthia Thurlow?

Hi, I’m Cynthia! 25-year clinician

Everyday Wellness podcast host, intermittent fasting and metabolic health expert, 2x TEDx speaker, and women’s health advocate. I’m here to be your guiding light. My approach to wellness in menopause and beyond is holistic and rooted in science.

Through my unique blend of clinical medicine and nutrition expertise, combined with my own health experiences, I'll guide you through challenges like chronic fatigue, weight loss resistance, and hormonal imbalances

Ready to break barriers and elevate your approach to wellness?

Santa Fe, New Mexico April 17-20 2025

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From $4,200 per person

What If You Could


Recognize yourself again

Feel comfortable in your own skin again–never shy away from a mirror or camera again with true confidence.


Break Free from Limiting Beliefs

Embrace a mindset that propels you forward, leaving behind doubts and inhibitions.

Forge Genuine Connections

Build bonds that go beyond the retreat, with individuals who truly understand and support your journey.

Expert Guidance You Can Trust

Cynthia leads with a ‘medication is not the first option’ approach–always trying to find the root cause of the problem and create actionable plans around that, even going as far as doing labs, if necessary to source the core problem.
This retreat and the solutions are not magic, they are science-backed. This coming April, you can leverage Cynthia’s 25+ years of medical wisdom and holistic insights to become your best self after 40… alongside a community of other women on the same journey.

Science-Backed Insights

Understand the 'why' behind every recommendation, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Personalized Care

Get seen and be heard with proven solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

Community Building

Beyond connections, build a community that lasts long after the retreat.

As Cynthia always says
'Wellness starts from within.'
So, are you ready to internalize this truth and transform your life?
Ready For A Life-Changing Experience? 
Join me by booking your spot now!
from $4,200 per person

Discover the profound synergy of nutrition and well-being. In this retreat, you'll learn how to make informed health choices and understand the implications of those choices on your body. Break free from limiting beliefs and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The Resort

Ojo Santa Fe is a refuge from the modern world, nestled amidst our lush 77 acres within Northern New Mexico’s high desert. Discover the benefits of hydrotherapy in our spring-fed thermal pools, dine on farm-fresh cuisine, and find utter relaxation in our waterside spa.
Voted by Travel + Leisure as one of the top US Destination Spas – 2022

The Accommodations

Your room is outfitted with Ojo signature spa robes, art and furnishings handmade from locally sourced materials, artisan-crafted pottery inspired by our healing waters, premium bedding, Pendleton Woolen Mills blankets, and blackout window treatments for a great night’s sleep. Rooms come equipped with a mini-fridge, electric kettle, locally-roasted Iconik coffee and tea from tea-o-graphy, hand-blended in Taos.

The Food

You’ll enjoy delicious, nutrient-dense, seasonal meals made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Think farm-to-table produce, grass-fed meats, sustainable seafood, and guilt-free desserts. Whether you’re Paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, or vegetarian, we’ll have you covered.

Every session, activity, and discussion during our time together is designed to give you actionable insights and resources. Remember, “wellness starts from within.” Join me to craft your personal guide and build your toolkit to help you feel your best in perimenopause and beyond.

Together, we’ll navigate the deep connection between nutrition and overall well-being. You’ll leave with a greater understanding to make informed health decisions. I want you to rise above restrictive beliefs and champion a healthier way of living – one that brings you joy and fulfillment.

Here's the Experience We've Curated for You

From sunrise yoga sessions to insightful evening discussions, every moment at this retreat is meticulously planned. Indulge in delicious, healthy meals, engage in invigorating physical activities, and attend lectures that educate, inspire, and empower. Beyond activities, find spaces for introspection, relaxation, and genuine bonding. This is more than a retreat; it's a journey of self-discovery.

Meet Your Host & Guides

Cynthia Thurlow, a nurse practitioner with 25 years of medical experience is your guiding light on this journey.

Top Itunes podcast host; intermittent fasting and metabolic health expert; TEDx speaker; patient advocate, etc., Cynthia's approach is holistic and rooted in science. With her at the helm, rest assured you're in expert hands.

Cynthia's unique background in clinical medicine and nutrition, combined with her personal health journey, make her an empathetic and knowledgeable guide for women navigating issues related to lack of energy, weight gain, and food cravings. With her support, you'll benefit from evidence-based practices, a holistic approach to health, and a personal touch.

Vanessa and Adam Lambert are the driving force behind Bee The Wellness, a beacon of holistic health, wellness, and adventure since 2012. Vanessa, with her vast knowledge merging ancient and modern healing practices, complements Adam's background in high-stress emergency response and wellness coaching.

Together, they've pioneered transformative retreats in awe-inspiring locales like Machu Picchu and central Kenya. Their shared vision is clear: to inspire profound connections, holistic wellness, and unbridled adventure, enabling individuals to transcend boundaries and live their most authentic lives.

What's Included in the Event

Our all-encompassing retreat promises a seamless experience from start to finish. Your package includes:

  • Luxurious accommodation in serene surroundings.
  • Nutrient-dense meals curated by our Executive Chef.
  • Access to all lectures, discussions, and activities.
  • Downtime to enjoy the spa and grounds.
  • A community of like-minded women to connect with.

Your Itinerary

Awaken a new sense of spirit in a place of incredible natural beauty and curated wellness experiences.

3 PM Check-in: Begin your transformative journey by settling into your serene accommodations. Let any stresses melt away as you step into your oasis of relaxation.

5 PM Welcome Ceremony: Gather with like-minded women and immerse yourself in the spirit of unity and sisterhood during our intimate welcoming ceremony.

6 PM Icebreakers:
A chance to bond and form lasting connections with fellow participants through engaging and fun icebreakers.

7 PM Dinner at MoonHouse:
Indulge in a carefully curated dinner, combining both delicious flavors and nutritional benefits, perfect for revitalizing your body.

8:30 PM Sound Bath:
Experience the harmonizing benefits of sound therapy, allowing the waves of sound to cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit.

7 AM Strength Training: Awaken your body with gentle, empowering strength training exercises.

8 AM Breakfast at MoonHouse:
Savor a wholesome breakfast spread, tailored to nourish and energize your body for the day ahead.

9:30 AM Cynthia’s Masterclass: Embark on a deep dive into self-awareness and personal growth with Cynthia, our renowned expert. Absorb her insights and tools to harness your inner strength.

11:30 AM Guided Hike on the Trails:
Connect with nature on a therapeutic hike, led by our seasoned guide. Breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the surrounding beauty.

12:30 PM Lunch al Fresco on the Trail: Delight in a picturesque outdoor lunch, combining the pleasure of gourmet food with the tranquil surroundings.

1:30 PM Free Time: Personal space to journal, reflect, or simply relax.

2:30 PM Interactive Workshop with Cynthia: Dive deeper into interactive exercises, unlocking newfound understanding and empowerment.

4:30 PM Intro to Herbal Medicine (optional): Discover the age-old secrets of herbal medicine, understanding their potential to heal and rejuvenate.

5:30 PM Free Time: A space for you to unwind, perhaps take a leisurely walk or indulge in some self-care.

7 PM Dinner at MoonHouse: Reconnect with the group over another sumptuous meal, exchanging stories and experiences from the day.

8:30 PM Optional Night Swim/Soak: Revel in the luxury of a moonlit swim or simply soak, allowing the water to wash away any remnants of stress.

7 AM Strength Training: Embrace another morning of invigorating exercises for the soul and body. Our sessions are crafted to ensure a balance of challenge and self-care.

8 AM Freshen Up: Steal a quiet moment to refresh and rejuvenate, preparing your senses for another day of exploration and self-discovery.

8:30 Masterclass with Cynthia: Continue your journey with Cynthia, delving deeper into holistic wellness strategies and personal empowerment techniques.

11 AM Pottery Class (Off-site optional): Rediscover the joy of creation with hands-on pottery. Feel the cool clay between your fingers, molding your thoughts and experiences into tangible art.

1:30 PM Lunch at MoonHouse: Relish another meal that satiates both the palate and soul. Share conversations and laughter with newfound friends.

3 PM Interactive Workshop: Dive into another session of introspective activities, fostering a deep sense of community and shared experiences.

5 PM Free Time & Puppy Patch: Experience pure joy as you mingle with adorable puppies. Their unconditional love is the perfect stress reliever, reminding us to cherish simple pleasures.

6 PM Group Reiki Session with Breathwork & Meditation: Enter a realm of peace with a group healing session, harnessing the power of collective energy, deep breathing, and mindfulness.

7:30 PM Goodbye Dinner at MoonHouse: As the retreat nears its end, come together for a special dinner, celebrating the bonds formed and the transformative journey shared.

8:30 PM Fireside Chat with Cynthia: Under a canopy of stars, share stories, dreams, and aspirations, making memories that’ll warm your heart for years to come.

7 AM Strength Training & Mindset: Culminate your fitness journey with a session that not only tones the body but also fortifies the mind. Feel a renewed sense of strength and confidence.

8:30 AM Breakfast at MoonHouse: Gather for one last breakfast, cherishing the flavors and the company, setting intentions for the days ahead.

9 AM Packing Time: As you pack your bags, also take a moment to reflect on the treasured memories and lessons you’ll be carrying home.

10 AM Closing Ceremony at MoonHouse: Join in a heartwarming ceremony, expressing gratitude and sealing the promises made to oneself during this retreat.

11 Check-out: As you step out, know that you’re leaving with a rejuvenated spirit, enriched mind, and a community of sisters who shared this transformative journey with you.

Spaces are limited, and this unique opportunity won't last long. If you believe, as Cynthia does, that 'it is possible to feel better tomorrow than you do today,' then this retreat is your gateway to that brighter future.

You are meant to thrive, not just survive.

Shared Room

$  5,200 4,700

All-inclusive access for one

Shared Room

April 17-20 2025

Double Occupancy

Solo Room

$  5,750 5,250

All-inclusive access for one


April 17-20 2025

Single Occupancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Check-in is guaranteed by 3:00 PM. Please contact the hotel prior to arrival if you would like to request an earlier check-in time. Should you arrive early and your cottage is not quite ready, guests are welcome to enjoy the resort and amenities until check-in. Check-out time is prior to 11:00 AM. Late check-outs are based on availability and may incur an additional fee.

We will pair you up with a same sex roommate or, if you have a travel companion just let us know and we will ensure you are in the same room.

While we love kids, this is an adult only retreat.

No, you are responsible for securing your own flights. 

You will need to arrange your own transport to and from the resort. We will provide a WhatsApp group for the attendees to coordinate ride share. 

There are two airports nearby. Albuquerque (ABQ) and Santa Fe (SAF).

ABQ is roughly 90 minutes drive and will have more flight options than SAF. 

Your flights to and from ABQ or SAF and transportation to and from Ojo Santa Fe Resort.

yes, all gratuities are included with the exception of any personal services you chose to receive such as spa treatments or bell hop services. 

Alcoholic beverages are not included but they are available for purchase at the resort. 

The activities at Thrive are accessible to all fitness levels. However, Santa Fe is high and dry—with average high temps in the 60s—so staying hydrated is key. We suggest bringing LMNT or another electrolyte solution and adding it to your water bottle throughout your stay. 

Watching the desert sunrise as you walk among the scrub and plateau will be a highlight of the trip!

You will have the option to opt-out of any of the activities if you choose. You can email us at [email protected] for more information.

Please let us know if there is something you would like to opt-out ahead of time of so we can prepare accordingly. 

We will have a range of dietary options available that are gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo,  and vegetarian. We are unable to provide a 100% vegan option.

After you sign up, we will ask you for your dietary preferences and restrictions.

You can expect sunny, dry days with highs in the upper 60s with lows in the 40s overnight.

Don’t let the temperature deceive you though. At elevation, the sun is quite intense so 60s will be very comfortable. 

Once you sign up, we’ll send you a packing list that covers everything you’ll need.

Airfare, ground transportation to and from the venue, laundry service, all items of a personal nature, and travel insurance (strongly recommended).

Please see our Terms Of Service for the complete cancellation policy. 

  • Greater than 90 days 50% refunded
  • 90 – 60 days 10% refunded
  • Less than 60 days no refund
  • 20% fee for bookings that are transferred to another person or event

embark on a journey of rejuvenation and

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