What Can You Expect At Bee - Fest?
Connect with your tribe and celebrate your life!
July 18-22, 2018
Luxury Glamping
Enjoy this luxury glamping experience in one of Northern California's luxury glamping locations amidst the redwoods.

Farm To Table Paleo Meals
Enjoy our incredible paleo farm to table meals created by our personal chef and staff special for our group and catered in the redwood forest of our Auto-camp location.
Hiking In the Old Growth 
Redwood Forest
The ancient coast redwood is the tallest living thing on our planet! These remarkable trees live to be 500-1,000 years old, grow to a diameter of 12-16 feet, and stand from 200-250 feet tall. Some trees survive to over 2,000 years and tower above 350 feet. 
River Tour On The 
Russian River
A ten mile canoe trip through the Redwoods. Picnic, swim, sunbathe at beaches along this magnificent stretch of the river. View wildlife such as: otter, Great Blue Heron, osprey, turtles, egret, and more. 

Coaching From The Masters
Get coaching from your coaches in the break out sessions. Allow us to drill down in to form, technique, and movement patterns on some of our cornerstone movements.
Commune With 
Likeminded Individuals
This is your chance to meet and commune with your tribe. Come together with Bees from all over the globe and share a once in a lifetime experience!
Coastal Bluff Hike &
Beach Tour
A trip to the north coast must include a visit to the breathtaking bluffs overlooking the pacific ocean, Join us in a half day hike and picnic along the bluffs of the northern coastline.
Live Entertainment
Let's put the "fest" in Bee- Fest! Each evening will commence with a special form of entertainment to keep us entertained and celebrating this incredible experience with each other !

What's Included 
Everything from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.
  • Luxury Lodging - Choose from a luxury Airstream or Glamping tent.
  • Farm To Table Paleo Meals - All meals are prepared by our personal chef from the freshest ingredients in paleo fashion.
  • Hiking, canoeing, coaching, and so much more... Take guided hikes in the redwood forest and on the coast, canoe down the Russian River, and receive coaching from master coaches in the break out sessions.
  • Live Entertainment - Each evening will commence with a special performance or experience. 
Not included: Airfare, transportation to and from site, beverages or food off site from our camp.
 Bonus Offer!
Book Now And You Get:
  • 1 Year Membership to Unveil Your Wellness $684.00 Value 
    Immediate access to our flagship coaching program and one 15 minute introductory call with Adam or Vanessa Lambert. ** ( New Members Only)
  • 1 Year Membership to the Meditation Challenge - $240 Value
    Immediate access to our Mindfulness Meditation program
    . (New Members Only)
That's almost $1000 in bonuses when you sign up!
Your Tribe Is Waiting For You!
Check out what our previous Bee - Fest Attendees have to say about Bee - Fest!
Choose one of our Luxury Glamping or Airstream Options!
Luxury Airstream
Accommodates 2 Singles or a Couple
Our iconic Airstream Premium suites are located along a seasonal creek along the perimeter of property. Your private bedroom features a Casper mattress queen bed. There is a futon that folds out to double bed in Galley. Comfortably sleeps 2 adults + 2 small children. Contact us if you would like to include children in your stay.

Spa-inspired bathroom
Outdoor fire-pit lounge
Spa bathrobes and plush towels
Casper Mattress
Boutique bath products by Malin+Goetz
Basic cookware and dishes
Wall-mounted flat screen TV
Alarm clock
Electric Tea Kettle
Mini Refrigerator
Luxury Glamping Tent
Accommodates 2 (One Bed)
"Rough it" with in our Luxury Tents featuring a queen bed with Casper mattress and pillows, a garment rack, wifi, ice chest and a fire pit. Our Clubhouse houses shared restrooms and showers that are stocked with Malin+Goetz soaps and shampoos. 
Casper Mattress
Luxurious bedding, linens and towels
Outdoor fire-pit lounge
Spa bathrobes and plush towels
Alarm clock
Electric Tea Kettle
Ice Chest
Redwood Suite (ADA Compliant)
Designed by renowned architect Jeff Shelton, our wheelchair-accessible Redwood Suite has canvas roofing and a glass wall with a forest view. It features a private patio overlooking the seasonal creek, along with all the amenities of our Airstream Suites. It is located close to Clubhouse and parking area for easy access.

Mini Refrigerator
Casper Mattress
Luxurious bedding, linens and towels
Boutique bath products by Malin+Goetz
Basic cookware and dishes
Wall-mounted flat screen TV
Spa-inspired bathroom
Luxury Airstream - $2899/person
Double Occupancy Required
Luxury Glamping Tent - $2499/person
Double Occupancy Required
Redwood Suite - $2699/person
Double Occupancy Required
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Daily Schedule
Below You Will Find The Daily Schedule Of Events!
July 18-22, 2018

4pm Check In/ Registration
6pm Welcome Dinner & Staff Introductions + Entertainment!

Schedule Of Events and Logistics Announcements

Breathwork and  Sound Bath

10 pm Lights Out


7:00 am breakfast

7:45am Leave for Redwood Forest

Vitamoves & Hike Redwood Forest 

Vitamoves is a synergy of therapeutic and creative movements to heal injuries, correct joint imbalances, and maximize lifelong performance of the body and mind. You can use movement to stimulate the strength and integrity of your connective tissues to be more resilient to injury and dysfunction. Use movement to challenge yourself to go above and beyond your current capabilities and move through life with more confidence and grace.

11:00 am Lunch and guided meditation in the Redwoods

12:00 pm return to Auto-camp

Breakout Sessions Led By your Coaches ( Push-up, Pull-Up, Squat & Deadlift Clinics)

5pm break 

7pm dinner

8:30 Evening Entertainment 

10pm lights out


7:00 am breakfast
8:30 Vitamoves 

10:00 Load up on the bus for canoe trip on the Russian River 

Lunch On The River 

4pm Return to Camp

5pm break

7pm dinner 

8:30 Live podcast style discussion followed by a guided meditation 

10 pm lights out


7:00 am breakfast
7:45 am Bus to coast for hike and beach day.

9:00 am - Hike, followed by Vitamoves, DROM, walking lunge clinic and beach picnic. 

1:00 pm Return to Autocamp

2:30 pm Break- Free Time

7:00 pm Dinner

8:30 Final Farewell party and silent disco! 


Breakfast 8:00 am
Final Farewell 

Meet The Coaches & Staff
Adam Lambert: Adam has made it the focus of his career to identify and address the specific physical, cognitive, and emotional demands placed on fire personnel and shift workers. Lambert’s breadth of experience in the fire service has provided him with a unique vantage point from which he has built a progressive approach to address those needs. In addition, Lambert is recognized as one of the leading strength and conditioning coaches in the fire service. Certified under the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Lambert spent 6 years training and coaching under the tutelage of Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution and owner of Norcal Strength and Conditioning. As a Firefighter Olympics and Crossfit Games competitor, Adam is no stranger to performance athletics. Adam believes that achieving optimal health and performance must include a foundation of fundamental nutrition and fitness principles but is by no means a one size fits all approach. To that end, he is committed to helping people find a nutrition and fitness strategy that meets their individual needs.

Angelo Dela Cruz is a former NASA Life Science Support Scientist who assisted with experiments that flew aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. He is a former martial arts instructor and holds a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo. On his way to becoming a surgeon, he decided to choose a better path for him to explore true health & happiness.He realized vitality is a proactive process in doing the right things to support the optimal function of the body & mind. Angelo now helps others amplify their power and beauty on the inside through advanced bodywork, fitness training, and high performance life mastery coaching.

Glen Cordoza is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author. He is one of the most published authors in the world on the topics of mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai boxing, and fitness with 26 books to his credit. These works include co-authorship with MMA superstars Randy Couture, BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, Lyoto Machida, and jiu-jitsu legends Eddie Bravo,Antonio Nogueira, and Marcelo Garcia. He also co-authored Power, Speed, Endurance by Brian MacKenzie, as well as the New York Times and WSJ bestselling books Becoming a Supple Leopard, and Deskbound by Kelly Starrett. In addition to Glen’s accomplishments as an author, he has a 12-0 professional Thai boxing record, a 3-1 professional MMA record, and holds the rank of brown belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. 
Marie Giovanna is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Massage Therapist and mother/ mother-in-law to Adam and Vanessa! In her 30+ years working as a teacher, counselor, and energy worker she has helped countless people fundamentally shift their perception in order to live a more rewarding and authentic life. From her role as an intuitive healer to her position leading a non-profit for underprivileged girls, she has a vast scope of practical experience that applies to people of all ages and walks of life. She is the founder of Way Of The Blossoming Soul as well as a mentor in Bee The Wellness Authentic Self program. She will be assisting and facilitating in the Authentic Self workshops and be on hand for general counsel during the weekend.
Vanessa Lambert: A health and fitness enthusiast since childhood, Vanessa came into coaching quite accidently. As a promising young gymnast, her coach asked if she would instruct the introductory classes at her gym. Her natural love of the movement was only deepened by sharing it with others. There began her basis of learning to coach and her understanding of the unique importance of the teacher student relationship. No stranger to competitive sport, Vanessa played soccer, basketball, swam competitively, and was also co-captain of her cheerleading squad. In her early 20’s she moved to Maui to improve her surfing practice and became one of the first female surf instructors in the Hawaiian islands, and a true force in the water. She and Adam were also an integral part of the CrossFit NorCal team that took third place in the affiliate games in 2009. Throughout her life she continued to evolve her diet in order to better fuel her performance and her busy schedule. In fact, Vanessa had already embraced the Paleo diet when she began training with Robb Wolf as a client. She had seen the dramatic benefits of doing so and was delighted to find out that not only did her coach agree, but he was one of the thought leaders on the subject. It would be her years at Norcal Strength and Conditioning training under the tutelage of Robb and his wife Nicki, that her ancestral wellness practice would deepen. After relocating to Los Angeles to pursue her music career, Vanessa was introduced to Mark Sisson. Working closely with Mark at the Primal Blueprint headquarters over four years, Vanessa developed the personal coaching program, Primal’s luxury retreat vacations, and was  a staple at the PrimalCon events where she and Adam coach the fundamentals of weightlifting and gymnastics. Vanessa feels truly blessed for having worked with the best and the brightest in the ancestral health world. This experience is what motivated her to co-create the Bee The Wellness program with her husband Adam. These days, her focus is to help as many people as possible become the very best version of themselves.
Katie Cordoza is a personal trainer and private chef with over ten years of coaching experience. As a young trainer, Katie worked under the tutelage of Robb Wolf at NorCal Strength and Conditioning where she refined her approach to Paleo nutrition and coaching. While working as a coach, Katie developed and taught the strength and glute training programs, as well as instructed Olympic lifting, mobility, and CrossFit classes. In addition to Katie’s training experience, she holds a B.A. in kinesiology with an emphasis in coaching from California State University, Chico. She’s been featured in Fitness RX and numerous books including Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett, and Glute Lab by Bret Contreras. Katie shares her passion for food and strength training at katiecordoza.com
Joann Stabile is the Founder and Executive Chef of Plated With Purpose. She is a graduate of the prestigious California Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco. Joann is a clean eating enthusiast and has personally seen the benefits and results with her own body after a decade of struggling with her weight and overall health. She has more than 18 years of experience in the kitchen and has been on the forefront of the clean eating movement, having been a special dietary needs event caterer and private chef for the last 9 years.
 Jennifer Argondizza and Meg McGill - With upwards of 15 retreats attended between the two of them, these Bees are pro retreat attendees and will be on staff for Bee-Fest to make your experience a memorable one and help you integrate what you learn. With years of experience applying the 8-Key Habits in the real world these two are an invaluable addition to the team.  
Happy Clients
Check out what some of our Bees have to say about Bee The Wellness.
The trips really cement your purpose and intentions, whether it's your nutrition or movement or mindset. You meet and bond with such awesome people. I think that when I've had a rough time and felt less positive about my ability to stick with a healthy life, the connections I feel towards my trip-Bees has helped me stay the course.
Virginia R
This retreat was a whole new experience for me and I absolutely loved it. Being able to go to a place with people who are all on the same path in life is amazing. Learning what works for yourself/others and being able to take the knowledge home with you is a truly amazing opportunity. You will make life long friends on this inspirational journey. 
James H
It exceeded my expectations. I had been to Primal Con, but never had such an intimate experience where I really feel like I got to know the other participants. The wonderful thing is to meet people and realize how much we all had in common. Great to be able to bond with like-minded souls. This truly was a life changing weekend for me in mind, body and soul. **Also, I think a really important thing to know is that it is really great going solo. I was afraid I might be left out not being there with a partner or friend, but I totally did not feel that at all. I felt really comfortable knowing that other people were also there on their own and that you didn’t have to “have somebody” to do all the activities. Sometimes it’s intimidating to travel to something like this on your own without the security blanket of having a friend along with you, but I can safely say that I never felt alone or not part of the group and it was great that other people were there on their own as well!
Janine H.
Logistics and Details 
Closest Airports:
Santa Rosa Airport: 12 miles
Oakland: 78 miles
San Francisco: 90 miles

For lowest airfare we recommend San Francisco or Oakland Airports.  We will put together a Facebook page to help folks connect for ride share to and from Guerneville! 
All transportation after your arrival and during your retreat in Guerneville will be provided by Bee The Wellness. 

Cancellation Policy:
We recommend trip insurance if you are concerned about emergency cancellation. https://www.worldnomads.com

20% cancellation fee at all times

90 days or more out, 50% of fees can be returned

89-60 days out, 10% of fees can be returned

59 or less days 0% can be returned

We will always do our best to replace you with another attendee in order to offer some refund, but we cannot make any guarantees.

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Auto Camp Address 
14120 Old Cazadero Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446
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