Bee – Fest 2018 Highlights!

We can’t believe it’s already been a couple of weeks since Bee – Fest 2018 took place in Guerneville, CA! We are still flying high from this magical event and we know our fellow Bee – Fester’s are too!

It’s really difficult to put into words how profound this experience was for us. At this point we have run many events and each one of them certainly has it’s place in our hearts, but Bee – Fest was really something.

Really bee-ing with our larger community in such a profound way made us feel a deep sense of pride and gratitude for what Bee The Wellness has become; a place of love, total inclusivity and fun! Feeling the energy, love and deep sense of connection in our tribe was a living breathing example of the dream we have set out to create.

We could write countless paragraphs but words would fail to adequately describe the magic of Bee – Fest. However, we hope that within the frames of the attached photos and video you can get a sense of how special this event was for all who were there.

We are working swiftly behind the scenes to create Bee – Fest 2020 and we sincerely hope that each and every one of you will come. It is truly something special to be with your tribe and to feel at home inside your skin and with those around you, all while each of your senses delights in the experience being created  just for you.

Thank you again to all our bees who made it out and we hope to see you all and many more next year! Until then, Bee Well!

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Vanessa Lambert