Africa Part II…Giraffe Manor, Masai Mara & Uganda Gorilla Trekking

When we decided to go to Africa a year ago to host our first Safari retreat, we knew we would stay longer and do some scouting of additional experiences for future events. We also had a few big milestones to celebrate in our personal lives, me turning 40 and our 15th wedding anniversary which would…read more

Mama Africa

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa. Ernest Hemingway A trip to Africa is a journey back to oneself. To put into words what a journey to Africa means to one’s soul is an impossible task but alas I will give it a go. Africa had been singing to me since…read more

Weekend Trip To Guerneville CA!

Guerneville, CA We recently chose Guerneville CA for our annual Bee – Fest wellness retreat and hosted it at AutoCamp Russian River. It was an incredible event and having Guerneville as a back drop to this special event we got to know the area and how special this location is. We thought we would take a…read more

Bee – Fest 2018 Highlights!

We can’t believe it’s already been a couple of weeks since Bee – Fest 2018 took place in Guerneville CA! We are still flying high from this magical event and we know our fellow Bee – Fester’s are too! It’s really difficult to put into words how profound this experience was for us. At this…read more

What is Bee – Fest and Why Should You Come?

Over the last six years we have worked tirelessly to build our dream. The dream wasn’t so much about getting people fit and healthy, although that was something we knew we wanted to include. The dream was more about creating a community where people could learn to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. We wanted…read more

Girls Trip To Cuba!

Upon our landing the captain of the airplane announced to the passengers, “Well folks if you are as old as me, this is a day you thought would never come. We have officially landed in Cuba.” The man’s voice expressing the sense of disbelief that most of us were indeed feeling but weren’t actually vocalizing.…read more

Should I Try Paleo?

There are many reasons to give the paleo/ primal way of eating a try. The best reasons would be to see for yourself how you feel after doing so, to notice if anything changes for you physically and mentally, and perhaps to re-examine how you nourish yourself and what is really right for you. We…read more


5 Things We Can Learn From The Olympics This week’s video blog inspired by the olympic opening ceremonies, Vanessa discusses 5 things that we can learn from the Olympic games. Don’t feel like watching? Check out the transcript below. Hi I am Vanessa Lambert owner and co-creator of Bee The Wellness and Unveil Your Wellness. I…read more


How to Make a Decision Using Your Intuition Trying to learn how to get more in tune with your own intuition? Check out this helpful video from Vanessa Lambert to give you some great tips for learning to trust your gut. Don’t feel like watching? Check out the transcript below. Hi I am Vanessa Lambert…read more


How To Set Goals For Weight Loss, Health and Success! With this month’s focus on your goals and deciding who you are, we bring you another informative video blog that helps set some parameters for goal setting and reinforcing positive behaviors. Don’t feel like watching, check out the transcript below! Hi I am Vanessa Lambert,…read more