Three Things That Surprised Me About Peru

Next March we will take our third group hike to Machu Picchu. Peru is one of the few places to which we have returned three years in a row, which indicates just how special our Peru retreats have been. I had so many ideas of what Peru would be like before taking our first pilgrimage to this sacred land. Of course, I can never truly know a place until experiencing it for myself, but a few things surprised me.

The Landscape – When I looked at photos, I was confused by the Peruvian landscape. When I heard people talk about their experience of the land, I imagined rich and fertile landscapes that were grounding and vast. I couldn’t connect the stories to the photos. But shortly after touching down in Cusco, I gained a new understanding of how much life force is carried in the land. It is alive and pulsing, and the landscapes are unlike anything else I have experienced.

The People – There is a spiritual nature to the people of Peru. Yes Catholicism is strong, but it is beyond denomination. There is a spiritual essence to the people that makes you feel in the presence of something majestic. There is a respect for the land, the animals, the spirits of the wind and sea. There is an honoring of the great gift of life that connects you to the miracle of the human experience and our beautiful mother earth. To be with Peruvian people is to feel an innate honor that lives in all of us for earth and its creatures. 

The Mountains – Nobody can prepare you for the vastness of the Peruvian Andes. To feast your eyes on her mountains is to fill a cup you didn’t even know you had. To walk in her mountains and be in cadence with the earth, wind, and elements is to walk with magic. She calms you and cradles you and challenges you to live more fiercely, breathe more deeply, and walk with greater connection and purpose.

Peru changes you.

Peru changes you. It’s difficult to describe why, how, or the exact moment it occurs, but in the end you just feel different. It’s easier to connect to gratitude, love, and the incredible experience of life. Peru is a force of nature, and we are in awe of her today and every day. 

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Vanessa Lambert