Eight Key Habits of a Life Well Lived

Our years of experience have taught us to focus on 8 categories that we believe encapsulate what it means to live a holistic, happy, healthy life.

Bee Sleepy – We always say it starts with sleep, and we truly believe that. Without quality, full-phase sleep, we run on fumes, which does not lead to optimal performance. We believe everyone needs 7-8 hours of quality sleep—not just time in bed. The Oura ring has been beneficial in tracking the quality and quantity of our sleep, as well as our movement, heart rate, heart rate variability, and body temperature. It compiles this information to give you a daily readiness score and helpful reminders to improve your total readiness. We aren’t tech crazy when it comes to our health, but this ring has improved our general sense of well-being.

Bee Present – Our minds can process data, think ahead, problem solve, react, and perform all sorts of high-level functions that make our species unique. However, one of our greatest challenges, especially in today’s distracted world, is finding stillness and cultivating a relationship with the present moment. We believe that a mindfulness practice is essential to a healthy life and that a small daily investment in your mental health will pay off over time. We find guided meditation to be extremely helpful, especially for the novice meditator. If meditation doesn’t resonate with you, breath work, Tai Chi, and cold therapy are excellent alternatives. Even spending time in a sauna can provide connection to the moment. Whatever your method, finding presence is integral to living a sound life.

Bee Nourished – We all know we should eat right, but how you eat is equally important to what you eat. Instead of cramming something in your mouth as you run out the door, take 5-10 minutes to sit and mindfully eat your food. Cultivate a relationship with your food, and establish a practice of honoring the incredible sacrifice and effort that access to food requires. Think about your sourcing, especially when it comes to meat. Much of the world does not have access to quality food systems, but if we pay attention, we can support properly sourced food and therefore provide both for ourselves and support the growth of healthy, sustainable food systems.

Bee Active – We run strength and conditioning programs in person and online and have coached literally thousands of clients over the years, and we can tell you the best kind of workout plan is the one you will stick to. Forget the dogma, and just try to fall in love with movement. Our bodies love to be challenged and are an incredible mechanism for creative expression. Strength training should be the cornerstone to your regimen, but remember to cultivate a playful and positive experience of movement that will last a lifetime.

Bee Adventurous – Over the years we have had the honor of leading folks all over the world to get in touch with their inner adventurer. As much as we love getting to share these peak experiences with our bees, we truly believe every day is an adventure and the best reason to train is for the adventure of life. We get to decide how we interact with life and it can truly be your playground if you let it. Find a way to infuse a little adventure into every day and life will never be boring.

Bee Loving – Relationships are one of the most crucial components of a well-lived life and are one of the biggest indicators of our health and longevity. Fostering love and connection is paramount to your health. If you struggle with building and maintaining relationships, try out The Landmark Forum, Rythmia, or our very own Authentic Self course. Education is essential to improving any aspect of your life, including human interaction.

Bee Silly – Laughter is the best medicine and one of the highest forms of intelligence. It trumps all human emotion and can transform any moment into pure magic. Actively seek out people, moments, and entertainment that create laughter, and learn to take life a little less seriously.

Bee Creative – We are all made in the image of the creator. This is not a religious statement unless you want it to be; it is simply a statement that we are creators at the core of our beings. Creativity is at the heart of painting, singing, writing, dancing, building, composing, crafting, playing, knitting, designing, coding, cooking, exercising—there are SO many ways to express your creativity, fill your heart, and inspire your soul.

We hope these habits inspire your journey to a healthy and holistic life. Which areas could use some work? Don’t try to improve them all at once. Choose one habit to incorporate into your life each week or month, and imagine how these small changes will add up to a huge transformation over time! In the end, don’t forget to simply Bee The Wellness you wish to see in the world.

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Vanessa Lambert