Love Your Mother

Considering she is the one great mother to us all; it’s pretty cool there is an actual holiday dedicated to Mother Earth! But just like we often do with our human Moms, we tend to take her for granted. This Earth Day we would love to inspire you to do one additional thing in your life to give back to our one and only Mother Earth.

Bring Your Own Bag – It seems everywhere we turn, more and more communities are banning plastic bags and charging additional monies for paper bags. But don’t wait for it to be an official law to take matters into your own hands. Be sure to have some reusable bags in your car or even in your purse. Or if you only have a few items you can carry, skip the bag altogether! Another helpful idea for those times when you forget to bring your bags into the store with you, simply have the checker put your paid items back in your cart and bag them yourself when you get to your car.

Get Rid of Toxic Products – Cleaning out harmful household products is not only beneficial for you, but it’s also beneficial for Momma Earth! When harsh cleaners are flushed down the drains and toilets in your home, they continue on to the sewage treatment plants to be “sanitized.” However, many of the detergent type metabolites still remain as the “clean water” flows back into the local waterways. This affects the chemistry of the waterways and can have a major impact on local plant and wildlife. The more you reduce the chemicals that go down your drains, the less environmental impact you will have. Not to mention your body will thank you for the decreased toxic load!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – With more and more innovation around reducing your carbon footprint, there are so many ways to make your foot smaller. From installing solar panels on your home, reducing your consumption of fast fashion, to walking or biking more, collectively, each step taken toward a more eco-conscious life can have a major impact.

Buy Local and Organic – By buying local and organic we reduce the energy expenditure to deliver the food sources from other areas of the globe and reduce the chemicals used on the plants themselves, which in turn keeps the soil from being contaminated. The double bonus is that foods grown organically reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals and when they are grown locally they are more apt to be picked at peak flavor and nutrient time. Ultimately your food tastes better and is better for you. This is a win win. With Farmer’s Markets flooding our communities this is an awesome way to make a difference in both you and the planet’s health!

Go outside for a walk or hike, take a few extra deep breaths and dedicate a few moments to really honor how amazing this planet is.

Lastly, today take a moment to really give thanks to Mother Earth. Go outside for a walk or hike, take a few extra deep breaths and dedicate a few moments to really honor how amazing this planet is. Allow yourself to really feel the gravity of how precious the planet is and how without her, we would simply not be. One of the best ways you can celebrate the planet is to take today to participate in one of the many wonders she offers us. Because after all when you love your mother, she loves you right back!

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Vanessa Lambert