Transformative Retreats & Epic Adventures
Transformative Retreats
Epic Adventures
BEE - FEST 2018
The Ultimate Gathering
 Join us for four days in the magical redwoods of Guerneville California at Auto-Camp! 
Connect with your tribe and celebrate your life!
July 18-22, 2018
Unveil Your Wellness
Paleo Lifestyle Coaching 
 Unveil Your Wellness, a Paleo-based system designed to help you achieve long-term health and fitness and get more pleasure out of life. Our program is different because it addresses all aspects of your health picture, not just bits and pieces. We’ve built it on a framework of seven pillars of wellness:

Bee Active | Bee Adventurous | Bee Creative | Bee Loving | Bee Nourished | Bee Present | Bee Silly
12: 21-Day Challenges
Complete Wellness Coaching
  •  Nutrition Guidelines
  •  N0- Fuss Workouts
  • Daily Challenges
Community Support
  •  Success Tips
  •  A Caring Community 
  •  Support From Real Coaches
Starting at $57 per month
Your Complete Wellness Solution
  •  Delivered Direct To Your Phone Or Desktop Via Our Mobile App
  • At the core of our system is our neuroscience-based behavior modification mobile app with an integrated social community. This robust tool is “command central” for every aspect of your program, featuring these key components:
Machu Picchu
Training For The Adventure Of Life
The Salkantay adventure goes beyond deluxe lodges and a great trek…it is a unique opportunity to experience ancient history in the Land of the Incas, as well as the most interesting and exotic variety of flora and fauna, all in the company of new friends and like-minded souls.
Meditation Challenge
Paleo Lifestyle Coaching 
At Bee The Wellness we believe that, as part of a holistic wellness plan, we should integrate and expand our mindfulness practice. We have created this meditation challenge as a stand alone or compliment to our Unveil Your Wellness challenge.

Join Vanessa Lambert as she takes you on a journey of daily guided meditations. Each day you will explore a new theme like love, friendship, or healing. Integrate mindfulness work as a part of your wellness practice and cultivate a picture of limitless love, abundance, and infinite success.
 21-Day Challenge
Establish New Belief Systems
  • Heal Your Body and Mind
  •  Create New Patterns
  •  Learn A New System of Values
Community Support
  • Share your thoughts, experience, and what “lights you up” with other meditation challenge participants. You will be amazed at what you learn from others and the connection you will feel to your new tribe.
Included in Your Unveil Your Wellness Subscription 
  •  Delivered Direct To Your Phone Or Desktop Via Our Mobile App
  • Each day you are delivered a guided meditation with binaural beats. Binaural beats effectively entrain and synchronize your brainwaves to enhance any specific brainwave pattern. This allows you to rapidly enter states of relaxation, focus, high-energy, or meditation whenever you want. Be sure to wear headphones to get maximum benefit.
African Safari
Epic Adventure Retreat  
Ol Pejeta is an award winning conservancy and has international and government backing, meaning the wildlife (especially rhinos) are thriving in the area and game viewing is some of the best in Kenya! Experience our exclusive resort which includes: private cottages, private chefs, private vehicles and private guides.
Authentic Self Program
Life Mastery Coaching 
The Authentic Self Program not only teaches you the principles of self-realization; it lays out an actionable roadmap for integrating these principles into daily life. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by trying to make many changes all at once, we focus on one theme at a time. The actions you take will help you heal your body and mind, establish new belief and value systems, and create healthy new patterns that give way to the life you’ve always desired.
 4: 12 week sessions
Weekly Challenges
  • Heal Your Body and Mind
  •  Create New Patterns
  •  Learn A New System of Values

Community Support
  • In the Authentic Self Tribe—our private social community—you’ll meet people on the same spiritual journey as you. This is your safe place, and we’re all in this together. We help one another progress and provide support and encouragement when the seas get rough.
As Low As $47.50 a month 
Your All in One Personal Development Program
  •  Delivered Direct To Your Phone Or Desktop Via Our Mobile App
  • At the core of our system is our neuroscience-based behavior modification mobile app with an integrated social community. This robust tool is “command central” for every aspect of your program, featuring these key components:
Costa Rica
Epic Adventure Retreat
 Embark on an amazing getaway to southern Costa Rica for 6 days of adventure, relaxation, learning, and friendship in the mountains overlooking Uvita. Join us in the beautiful and safe country of Costa Rica where Pura Vida (Pure Life), the countries mantra, is felt from the moment you arrive.
Build A Better Booty Challenge
Glute Training At Its Best 
 This challenge will focus on sculpting and strengthening one of the most important and by far the largest and strongest muscle groups in the body. The gluteals (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus) and the hamstrings (biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus) work together to extend, rotate and abduct the hip. They also contribute to stabilization of the pelvis, in particular during walking, running and climbing.

Follow this challenge and you will learn to activate, strengthen and support your body as well as your athletic performance. Strong glutes and hamstrings can help improve posture, alleviate lower back, hip and knee pain, enhance athletic performance, reduce bone density loss and even eliminate that stubborn abdominal pooch. Taking time to focus and train the glutes can provide valuable insight into strength imbalances as well increase your athletic prowess. Not to mention, glute training will shape and tone our derrieres to create an aesthetic that we can all get “behind”. 
12 week Challenge 
  •  Better Alignment
  •  Protect Your Hips, Knees And Ankles
  • Improved Athletic Performance
  •  Increase Bone Density
  •  Fat Loss And Fat Loss Maintenance
  •  Sexy Back
    •  Delivered Direct To Your Phone Or Desktop Via Our Mobile App
    • Success Tips
    •  A Caring Community 
    •  Support From Real Coaches
    •  Daily Workouts
    Meet The Coaches & Staff
    Adam Lambert, CPT, Pn1
    Bee The Wellness
    Vanessa Lambert
    Bee The Wellness
    Happy Clients
    Check out what some of our Bees have to say about Bee The Wellness!
    I am trying to put into words how I feel about the past week that was spent in Costa Rica with Adam and Vanessa and our fellow bees. Walking into a place where there are 18 other people that you have never met and all of coming from different walks of life and different path, it’s really intimidating but by the end of the week I walked out with 18 new friends and even a few soul friends. I am so grateful I said screw it to adulting for a week and allowed myself to come and play. With more retreats coming up, I just have to say this. Find a way to get to one, it will change your life!  -Rebecca T
    I remember when Amber and I put the deposit down on the retreat to Costa Rica (just over a year ago). The long wait was frustrating but the experience was well worth it. Whitewater rafting, standup paddleboarding, home cooked Paleo meals, and human connection. I am always nervous meeting people for the first time; especially on a retreat (HINT: There's nowhere to run!). No matter how beautiful the backdrop, it is the people that make or break a retreat. The group of individuals I met could not have been nicer, sweeter, or more accommodating. My one regret is that I did not completely immerse myself in the experience. I held myself back for a variety of personal reasons. But you know what? It was okay. Adam, Vanessa, and my fellow Bees allowed me to "bee" myself. It was a zero judgement zone. I was able to participate in the activities I wanted and stayed behind when I wasn't feeling up to it. After being back in the states for a couple of weeks, I realized that was exactly what I needed. Now, after putting a deposit down for the Big Bear retreat in October, I am ready to jump in feet first and immerse myself in the Bee the Wellness retreat experience. 
    -James Hunter 
    Traveling alone to a retreat, out of the country, with people I've never met is something that is definitely outside of my comfort zone. I had no idea what to expect going into this. What I found was an amazing group of people that welcomed me into their tribe and a incredible experience that I will never forget. The Costa Rica adventure retreat is nothing short of amazing. Everything from your meals to activities is completely planned out re-leaving you from the normal stress of planning and decision making that accompanies most "vacations". This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy and soak up All The Things that this trip has to offer. The experience checks all of the boxes. Adventure - Mindfullness - Rest - Community - Mobility. The activities are perfectly balanced between adrenaline and chillaxation. Adam and Vanessa could not have been better hosts for this retreat. Mobility workshops and meditation sessions were on point. I can't say enough good things about this retreat. I would say once in a lifetime, but I am positive I will be returning. When the trip opens up, you better get your spot ASAP or I am taking it!!!! 
    -Allen F.
    This is not just any ole “find like-minded people and sure it sounds good so I’ll go for it retreat…not hardly - this is a once in a lifetime adventure…with the bonus that all the food is Paleo/ Primal!”
    The hosts Adam and Vanessa Lambert are passionate about wellness and have put together a vacation/retreat/experience that has not been duplicated by others. Activities included paddle boarding/kayaking, whitewater river rafting, a local-color mangrove tour and sunset sailing. While all these activities were amazing, the highlight of the week was the meal conversations. Like-minded souls warmly shared their paleo journey, their challenges and victories, and perspectives on the direction of the movement, all while dining on the most amazing food. No stone was unturned with wide ranging dinner topics, covering sleep, exercise strategies, cooking, latest and best books, podcasts, web sites and other valuable resources.
    This retreat is a must if you are new to the paleo community, looking for a jump start back to the paleo lifestyle or just want to go to Costa Rica and be with warm & loving individuals who want the best for you. The private estate exceeded our expectations and the food was fantastic. We highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Costa Rican get away with benefits!
    We loved this experience and look forward to another adventure with Adam and Nesta! 
    -Kevin & Tina W
    This was my Fifth Retreat with Bee The Wellness and I keep coming back for more! The Retreats are all so amazing and Costa Rica has been one of my favorites as it is not only a Paleo Adventure Retreat but it is also a vacation with like minded friends! Adam and Vanessa Lambert do it right! The retreats run with such ease that you have nothing to worry about from the time you arrive until you leave. Everything is planned out from activities, paleo meals cooked by our own Personal Chef and relaxing down time where you get to hang out and talk and get to know all the amazing people that are on the trip. There are also mobility sessions daily and one of my favorite times of the day every night before bed a guided meditation by Vanessa to reflect on life and what happened during the day and during the retreat. The retreats are a time for me to get away from my every day life of being a stay at home mom and where I can go to be with my tribe. Adam and Vanessa lead the way for all of us to be part of something bigger then all of us and make you feel so welcome you become family and go home with a bunch of new friends that become so important to your life. For me it has become so much more then a trip and adventure activities, it is a deep dive to do things I never thought I would do such as zip line or surf and be able to open up with people that understand and are all on the same journey in life. I cannot say enough good things about the Bee The Wellness Paleo Retreats as well as Adam and Vanessa Lambert and hope to be able to continue to attend as many as I can. This is something that has become so nourishing to my soul and I cannot wait until the next Adventure! Pura Vida!!! 
    -Jennifer Argondizza
    The Bee the Wellness Costa Rica retreat was an amazing vacation! I found out about the trip in a roundabout way so I did not know any other bees before I went. However, it didn't matter. As expected, everyone was very friendly and inclusive and there is no way to not have fun on this trip. I loved that I didn't have to arrange anything! Everything was taken care of - the travel to and from the airport, all our day trips, food, snacks, even pictures! The estate was unbelievable. The rooms were large and comfortable and fitted with a/c and fans. The pool was a heaven, everything was so comfortable. The outdoor dining was a pleasure and the food was spectacular. I don't think I ever left a bite behind. The day trips were perfect - paddleboarding, surfing, hiking in the jungle, whitewater rafting, sailing, snorkeling, mangrove tour and swimming in the ocean. Every day was a dream. I would definitely go again and would recommend it to anyone! 
    -Nicole W.
    We had an incredible experience with Bee the Wellness in Costa Rica! We chose this vacation because it had an impressive balance of unique activities, gorgeous surroundings and outstanding food, and we were not disappointed. Every detail was taken care of for us, which was just what we wanted and needed. Vanessa and Adam are fun, welcoming, supportive, knowledgeable, and total rock stars at putting together an amazing adventure. Activities are accessible to a wide range of ability levels, and significant dietary restrictions were taken seriously and accommodated beautifully. Many thanks, Adam and Vanessa!! We recommend your adventures without hesitation!
    -Amy and Damon C.
    This retreat was a whole new experience for me and I absolutely loved it. Being able to go to a place with people who are all on the same path in life is amazing. Learning what works for yourself/others and being able to take the knowledge home with you is a truly amazing opportunity. You will make life long friends on this inspirational journey. 
    I arrived home one week ago tonight from a most amazing experience - The Big Bear Transformational Retreat.
    Since then, each day, and I've told at least two friends or family members about four days and evenings filled with positive energy. The retreat included a team of knowledgeable, experienced, wellness coaches, and an extremely talented (and fun!) Paleo chef who prepared beautiful, nutritious meals. Probably, the most incredible part was meeting new, "like-minded" friends with a goal of becoming our best selves!! We hiked, kayaked, lifted weights, and did daily Vitamoves!! Let me add...I was the oldest participant and totally felt a part of the group, where mindset - not chronological age, is the common denominator. Adam, Vanessa, and Angelo made this (and future) retreat experiences irresistible.  Thank you Beethewellness! 
    -Pattie H.

    It exceeded my expectations. I had been to Primal Con, but never had such an intimate experience where I really feel like I got to know the other participants. The wonderful thing is to meet people and realize how much we all had in common. Great to be able to bond with like-minded souls. This truly was a life changing weekend for me in mind, body and soul. **Also, I think a really important thing to know is that it is really great going solo. I was afraid I might be left out not being there with a partner or friend, but I totally did not feel that at all. I felt really comfortable knowing that other people were also there on their own and that you didn’t have to “have somebody” to do all the activities. Sometimes it’s intimidating to travel to something like this on your own without the security blanket of having a friend along with you, but I can safely say that I never felt alone or not part of the group and it was great that other people were there on their own as well! 
    -Janine H
    The trips really cement your purpose and intentions, whether it's your nutrition or movement or mindset. You meet and bond with such awesome people. I think that when I've had a rough time and felt less positive about my ability to stick with a healthy life, the connections I feel towards my trip-Bees has helped me stay the course. 
    -Virginia R
    I truly cannot say enough about my transformation retreat. I feel healthy, strong and hope to continue on this same path. I loved the feel of the whole weekend. It was like spending time with your smartest friends and learning from them through play. I loved it all and I can't wait to see you all again. THANK YOU!!!!!!.
    -Liz Cohn
    Don't miss this opportunity! The entire crew is amazing and extremely passionate. They provided the perfect blend of education/healthy eating / goal setting and working out, with plenty of time for fun and relaxation. Making this commitment and applying what you learn…will positively change your life for the better.
    -Joe Palonis
    The food was delicious, and plentiful! The accommodations were lovely and offered a variety of spaces indoor and out.The coaches were great! Helpful, patient, informative and fun! Love, love loved the experience!
    -Meg M.
    Not overprogrammed, but thoughtfully programmed. Off the beaten path, but comfortable the whole time. The right mix of authenticity and familiarity. Adam and Vanessa have a way of bringing adventure to the table that you can enjoy on your terms. 

    Vanessa and Adam made me feel so welcome and special at the retreat. I had invented for myself the idea that I was going to heading into a mildly cultish environment, i.e. had to have specific eating habits, had to be a certain size, had to be an accomplished athlete, etc. But I truly realized throughout the course of the week that Bee The Wellness is about encouraging wellness, wherever one happens to be in their life, and in whatever form best befits that person. Never for one second did I feel judged or cornered into a prescribed behavior. Every single person on the retreat was lovely, funny, kind and adventurous. And what a spectacular place to experience all kinds of new activities! I cannot recommend these retreats enough if you need to come up for some air.
    -Aimme Brosnan

    It was difficult to put into words how much I got out of it. It has literally been a positive life-changing experience for me. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to July and Bee-Fest and deepening the Unveil Your Wellness experience even more. So I’ve had a couple of weeks back home now to process this incredible retreat and start putting into practice the things I learned, and I feel like I’ve had this subtle but powerful paradigm shift in my thinking and my approach to life in general, almost as if I’m a part of something much greater than myself. I have a different perspective now, and people around me have started asking me what I’m doing to bring about this change. I knew this retreat would be great, but I had no idea that this type of shift would take place, and it’s nothing short of amazing! 
    Big Bear was fabulous! The chefs prepared delicious Paleo food for us for every meal, and I could feel the nourishment of my body and soul. We had adventure, one-on-one help with mobility and strength work, and we did some amazing work with a sampling of life mastery skills, guided meditation, and connecting with each other in safe, loving, and nonjudgmental surroundings. It was obvious that Adam, Vanessa, and Angelo put forth an incredible amount of effort to put together this amazing retreat. It was truly transformational for me and I can’t wait until the next one! 
    -Sara Jo M.
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