Join us for one of our adventures or retreats

Meet Your Fellow Bees In Person

Experience A New Place

Push Yourself Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Learn Something New About Yourself And Others

Share an adventure with people who are sharing the same journey to health and wellness as you. The experience of meeting like minded people who share your outlook and approach to health can be immeasureable in inspiring you towards your own happiest healthiest self.

The world is your oyster. Come and crack it open and see what this new adventure holds for you!

Try something new and experience what pushing outside of your normal routine can feel like. Giving yourself the confidence that comes along with trying something new!

Traveling to a new place and meeting new people and experiences different cultures can provide a much needed shift in perspective. Learn something new about yourself and others during this process!

Costa Rica Adventure Retreat

Join us for our Costa Rican adventure and experience our beautiful all inclusive jungle retreat.

Big Bear Transformation Retreat

Come immerse yourself in an intensive, inspiring and fun learning experience at our Big Bear retreat location.

Blue Ridge Mountain Transformation Retreat


Join us for our first ever East Coast Transformation retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Training For The Adventure Of Life

Retreat and Adventures

Training for something specific creates better compliance and more engagement with one’s health and fitness. Join us as we train as a group and then embark on an adventure together.

Costa Rica

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Big Bear

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Blue Ridge Mountains

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Training For The Adventure of Life: Peru

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